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Depixym Cosmetic Emulsion

Wowsers there are a hell of a lot of choice in colour coming from Depixym. 
  This brand has been created by two industry insiders Vic & Al who wanted to create a brand that wasn’t particularly positioned to a certain market. Genderless, no rules, multi area use, cruelty free and environmentally conscious. Sounds pretty epic hey. 
 So what are the products? 

Little tubes that look like cute watercolor paints filled with a thick cream that is intensely pigmented. They are multi use so you can use them as an eye shadow, blush, and lips, mix with your body cream for a skin tint or for body painting. You can use it as a base for other products or as a liner with a fine brush. The colour range is awesome.

 20 shades ranging from clear to plum, vibrant citrus tones and intense midnight blues and black. Each emulsion is £18 but lasts a seriously long time. 

 The shades…

I really like these emulsions. Very workable, build-able, great longevity with amazing pigment.If you like something a little bit different then check this brand out here.
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