Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Perricone MD Foundation Serum

If you’re looking for a lightweight Summer foundation that has great skincare benefits and good sun protection then check out Perricone MD Foundation serum. It’s part of the No Makeup Makeup collection from the brand and combines science based skincare with colour.

This serum foundation comes in a pipette style bottle although there is a screw lid also for better transportation. The travel friendly sized bottle is 30ml however the fluid texture means a little goes a seriously long way.
  This foundation contains neuropeptides, which send messages to the skin cells and assist them in managing various skin issues such as inflammation and healing.
 The coverage is a sheer veil and has a silicone feel to it. The suede finish is beautiful however the formula does need to be worked into the skin well with a firmer brush. A loose fibred foundation brush will result in brushstroke marks in your foundation.
 I found it took a little while to settle into the skin so those with an oily skin may not find the texture comfortable to wear, the silicone feel would also be off putting to those with an oily skin.
 If your skin is on the dryer side, textured or more mature then it works well to blend in, blur pigmentation or uneven skin tone and didn’t cling to textured areas.
 A good SPF of 30 gives extra protection to the skin this summer without feeling heavy.

The colour pigments adapt really well and seem to blend into your own skin tone and the finish is suede-like, hydrating and illuminating. There are 8 shade options which all seem fairly warm toned and annoyingly wouldn’t really cater for a very deep skin tone.

Overall a great textured foundation for those who want a natural veil but with the bonus of good skincare benefits and sun protection. Lasts well, looks natural, applies easily and easy to transport in your makeup bag.

 You can pick up Perricone MD Foundation Serum here for £45.00

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