Sunday, 12 May 2019

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

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If your skin is particularly dry and sensitive it can be tricky to know what cleanser to use.  Foaming cleansers tend to be too drying and heavy rich balms can feel occlusive.
 I switch up my skincare depending on how my skin feels on that particular day so this has been a cleanser that I have been using on days when my skin is dry or dehydrated.

 The texture is very pleasant. Applies with a thin balm texture but after 30 seconds of massaging it turns into an oil. Firstly, I love that it takes a little while to transform to an oil as it encourages you to really work the skin and massage well, something that greatly benefits the skin.
 The balm to oil texture makes makeup removal easy and even lifts off waterproof eye makeup. 
 It feels very comforting, nourishing and hydrating without feeling heavy and feels like a luxurious treat to use.

Squalane is a great ingredient to use if you very sensitive or allergic skin. Derived from plants and absorbed easily by the skin due to its molecular structure, it’s a pretty safe product to use in terms of adverse skin reactions.

The only negative I have to say is the size. It’s almost like a travel size product but if you only use it as a cleanser for the days you require a hydrating and calming cleanser for, then it’ll last you a good few weeks. Use it every day and evening and it’s not going to last long. On the plus size, it’s good for when you are travelling.

Check out The Ordinary Squalane cleanser here for £5.50.


  1. I enjoy this cleanser but not as a makeup remover - I found I had to use a lot of it to remove all my makeup and with such a small tube I would go through it too quickly.

    Angela |

  2. This stuff is great, and it lasts longer than you think. I only need a chickpea sized amount - it spreads as it transforms. It removes the most stubborn makeup - and even if you use a white cloth to wash off, it binds the makeup so that it rinses completely off the cloth as well. I've had mine about a month now, still got plenty left, and use it every day. I love it - soft clean skin with little effort or even rubbing.


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