Monday, 11 March 2019

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash


Ooh the latest lipsticks from Chanel are lovely. Buttery smooth, healthy glowing radiance with an oily moisturising texture. Infused with jojoba, mimosa and sunflower you can expect a seriously conditioned and nourished lip.

 Due to the moisturisation, the shades are a watered down version of how they look in on the bullet, but they still add a soft pop of colour.

Great for those who don’t normally wear anything on their lips but feel they want to liven up the lips a little as we head into spring. Not a lipstick for a bold lip lover but a total win for a subtle lip especially if your lips tend to be on the dry side.

27 shades to chose from in a good colour range for you to experiment with.

 The casing is new addition also and features a transparent golden cap so you can select your shade easily from the depths of your makeup bag.

Are they going to be the longest wearing lipsticks you’ve ever had, no definitely not but a joy to reapply with ease throughout the day.

These lipsticks are available from March 8th for £31.00 each.


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  1. My poor lips are so chapped from all of the long wearing matte lip colors. This sounds lovely! And the makeup you did on your Mom was lovely, you all are lovely lovely lovely lovely!xx


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