Friday, 15 March 2019

Glossier Play Collection

When I first heard of Glossier Play, I thought it sounded a bit like something I may purchase from an adult only website. After testing out the products however, I can see why they have used the term ‘play’ because it really is a fun collection.
 Vibrant tones, interesting buildable textures and shimmering pigments, it gets us back to what makeup should be…a fun experiment with colour that has no rules.

So what’s included?
Firstly, I wanted to mention the packaging. I find it annoying to unwrap the foil bag packaging when the item is already safely secured in a cardboard box. I guess it’s to add to the ‘play’ excitement, like unwrapping a lucky dip, but I think it’s a faff and a bit unnecessary…but maybe I’m just a bit of a misery!

 Glitter Gelée (£12)

Oooh this is a really fun product. It’s never going to be a staple everyday product in your makeup bag but more of a wow product you can add for a bit of drama and interest.
 Wear it unkempt and messy and don’t be too precious on the perfection of it and you’ll enjoy it. It contains shards of intense glitter of varying sizes and reflections, suspended in a cooling gel. 
It never really dries off and will crease, but that’s almost the beauty of it. The glitter also travels and is a hard to get rid of but it’s definitely a showstopper.

Technogel Eye Pencil (£13)

As an attractive as a set of brand new Crayola Crayons, fresh out of the box. These pencils have a smooth gel formula that glides over the skin with zero drag. The pigment is vibrant and true to how it looks in the packaging.
 Stunning as a bold line but even better when smudged over the eyelid. If you want to wear as a base then work fast, it dries off super fast and is then completely un-moveable.
 Great array of different colours for a more creative look but also some standard everyday shades if you’re not a fan of too much colour from your liner.

Nite Shine (£17)
 There are four liquid highlighters, which apply via a solid doe foot applicator. This style of applicator mean that initial application is quite intense and precise.
 The highlight effect is almost foil like finish infused with super fine shimmers.
 Payoff is good but I found the texture a little drying and if you’re using over textured skin then you may find it’s a little clingy. Spreads well but dries off very fast and if not blended quickly then it goes patchy.

Vinylic Lip (£14)
Click the end to release a thick paste of block colour in a fresh vinyl finish. 
Feels creamy on the lips and provides an opaque comfortable finish. they have a good amount of staining properties so once the initial sheen has gone, you're left with a beautiful stain.

The collection is available now here.


Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Monday, 11 March 2019

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash


Ooh the latest lipsticks from Chanel are lovely. Buttery smooth, healthy glowing radiance with an oily moisturising texture. Infused with jojoba, mimosa and sunflower you can expect a seriously conditioned and nourished lip.

 Due to the moisturisation, the shades are a watered down version of how they look in on the bullet, but they still add a soft pop of colour.

Great for those who don’t normally wear anything on their lips but feel they want to liven up the lips a little as we head into spring. Not a lipstick for a bold lip lover but a total win for a subtle lip especially if your lips tend to be on the dry side.

27 shades to chose from in a good colour range for you to experiment with.

 The casing is new addition also and features a transparent golden cap so you can select your shade easily from the depths of your makeup bag.

Are they going to be the longest wearing lipsticks you’ve ever had, no definitely not but a joy to reapply with ease throughout the day.

These lipsticks are available from March 8th for £31.00 each.


Friday, 8 March 2019

Anastasia Riviera Palette

We haven’t featured Anastasia on the blog for ages but their latest Riviera eye shadow palette just landed on my desk and it’s giving me all the summer vibes.

Featuring 14 powder shades in a mix of matte and metallic but with a seriously punchy pigment. This set is packaged in a canvas-mirrored kit with

 Initially the colours may look a little intimidating however this palette will allow you to create a series of interesting looks for day or evening and don’t forget, you don’t have to wear them all on the same day!

 The pink in this palette is insane and looks really cool as a liner if you’re unsure how to use it.

The metallic shades are actually delightfully pastel and wash over the lid softly if that’s the look you prefer. You can then build the boldness with the matte shades if you wish.

 This palette launches 7th March at Selfridges and Selfridges online and is priced at £43.00.


Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Cocktailing your beauty regime

Cocktailing my skincare is something I like to do. Your skin is in a constant state of change and renewal and can be influenced by many extrinsic factors. The weather, your health, your diet, your environment, your current routine, your lifestyle, pregnancy, sleep and water consumption all play a part. We all generally know what works for our skin and when we find a routine that seems to be working then we tend to be too scared to deviate from our safe products, however sometimes you need to amp up an area of your routine to see new fresher results.

A good habit to get into is waking up, looking at your skin in detail and thinking “what does my skin need from me today?” It’s too easy to fall in the trap of being hard on your skin and getting angry with it when it’s not playing ball for you, picking it and applying harsh treatments and layers of makeup. Don’t desert it, now is the time when it needs you the most!
 By assessing visually how your skin looks and feels enables you to alter your product choice to benefit it for that day/week/month.

 Spend at least one minute in the mornings and evening massaging your cleanser of choice into the skin. Whether it’s a balm or oil because your skin is feeling dehydrated/dry or a cream or milk cleanser for an oiler day, you can instantly benefit and refresh your skin from the initial cleanse.
 I like to remove with a warm flannel (washcloth) on a dry skin day or a cool flannel for a day when your skin feels a little oily and needs a fresh feel.

An acid step in your regime can really refine and balance your skin and also give a dull skin tone a kick up the bum! Using AHA’S are particularly effective.
 Glycolic toner is great at loosening the bonds, which connect dead skin cells to the surface (and to each other) resulting in dulling dead skin cells being removed. Check the % on your glycolic depending on the strength you require. Great for days when your skin is dull, congested or flaky.
If your skin is a little sensitive then Lactic acid maybe a better AHA to use.

If your skin is feeling more oily than usual then you may want to reach for a BHA such as Salicylic. Where AHA’s tend to work more superficially, BHA’s penetrate into the pores a little deeper and help with regulating sebum and assisting congestion.

Serum’s are something I never really invested in until my mid to late 20’s, I felt that they were firstly, very confusing as well as one more step that I couldn’t really be bothered to incorporate. These days, I love mixing up my serums depending on my skin concerns.
 Serums ideally need to be used over time to reap the rewards but you can certainly add in addition ones and take some out depending on what you need right now.
 Certain serums/pastes work better with others so you do need to do a little research. Some make each other ineffective, some will make each other pill off of the skin and some need to be applied in a certain order to ensure the molecule size can get into the skin and not be blocked by something occlusive, such as an oil.
Retinol is massive at the moment, and possibly always will be. It’s also a product than can cause a lot of confusion but it’s an invaluable product that those over around 28 years old should think about incorporating into their regime. There are different strengths of retinol and it’s important to know which type of retinol your product contains and how many steps of conversion it needs to go through (by the body naturally processing it) in order to provide the strength you require.

Moisturisers and night creams/oils are a product that most use, sometimes all they use. You can easily switch up your moisturiser and nighttime is a great opportunity to try out a more intensive night oil that would normally leave you too greasy during the day.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little and just like you ask yourself what you fancy for lunch today, observe your skin and think about how you can assist it a little better today in your skincare choices.

If you would like me to go into detail on any areas of our skincare regime then let us know.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Friday, 1 March 2019

YSL Touche éclat Shimmer Stick

Achieve foil like, metallic shimmer in a lightweight creamy texture. Highlight transfers onto the skin easily in a melted molten texture.

 Normally a metallic shimmer wouldn’t be my thing, I worry that it shows fine lines and looks too fake.

On initial application you may think this product will do the same however once blended it’s softened and merges with the skin as a much more seamless highlight. The sparkle is there in bright light, but not too much for a day look. I also loved this swept over the eyelids as a quick eye-brightening pick-me-up. Also nice to use on the body to catch the spring light.

There is a shade for everyone to enjoy and in a mix of warm and cool tones.

No1 Light gold- Pale yellow based gold.

No2 Light Rose- Pale icy baby pink.

No3 Rose Gold- Warming rose with a peach undertone.

No4 Bronze- Peach toned bronze for deeper skin tones.

No5 copper- A red-brown highlight.

The Touché Éclat Shimmer Stick is available here for £27.00 each

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