Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Votary Super Seed Cleansing Oil

*Votary Super Seed Cleanser was Gifted by Votary

To continue our vegan feature at the moment I’ve been testing out the premium vegan skincare brand, Votary.
 Votary’s founder, Arabella Preston is a makeup artist and beauty journalist with a passion for hand crafted, natural oils that are derived from plants, seeds, vegetable and flowers oils.
 Votary also avoids petro-chemicals, mineral oils or unnecessary preservatives.

I have been testing out the Votary Super seed range of products which is especially beneficial for a stressed out, winter ravaged skin that may have a compromised barrier or be indeed of extra nourishment.

Firstly, as with any good skincare regime, I’ve started with the cleanser. It’s an oil cleanser but doesn’t feel occlusive or heavy. In fact, it’s a real treat for the skin and encourages you to really massage the surface of the skin and get the blood pumping.
 It doesn’t have a synthetic smell or overly fragrant scent. It’s not a cleanser that will fill your olfactory system with delight but it’s certainly not offensive either.

 The texture is light and 4 pumps are plenty to ensure both the facial features and neck are sufficiently treated. After only a quick massage over, makeup is swept away and I even found it perfectly acceptable to gently coat the lashes to remove stubborn, waterproof or tubing mascara.

After applying, use the included cotton flannel soaked in warm water, to remove every trace of the oil. Using the flannel is essential as it ensures there is no residue left. The skin doesn’t feel tight after washing, just softened and nourished and ready to accept the remainder of your skincare routine.

This cleanser has a base of grapessed oil and is infused with apricot, jojoba, sunflower seed oil, pumpkin, cranberry, camellia, hemp and linseed. There is also lots of fruit extracts including strawberry, pomegranate, raspberry and cherry with essential oils of lavender.

Thoroughly cleansing, calming on a sensitized skin, nourishing and does a great job at actually cleansing the skin thoroughly.

If you suffer with reddened skin, rosacea, dryness, (although it’s lovely on an oily skin too) flaky or skin that has patches of dryness then this is a great one to check out. It’s a pricey cleanser but with all of those super food ingredients it’s a real treat for the skin that will last months. A winter to springtime essential I would say.

The Super Seed cleanser is £55.00 for 100ml and available here.


  1. This sounds really nice and light... although, I think the fruit extracts would be over-kill for me personally. I like to strip things back and keep things as simple as possible... which, interestingly, doesn't mean compromising on effectiveness or versatility. I make a two ingredient, vegan friendly makeup remove / cleanser called 100 Uses Makeup Remover, that, as the name suggests, has all kinds of healing abilities... like improving Acne, being anti-ageing and helping to get rid of blackheads etc, etc...

  2. I think I am going to have to get my hands on this and try it out for myself!

    Danielle xx

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