Friday, 15 February 2019

Marc Jacobs beauty Fineliner

 *Items in this blog post have been gifted to us

 Marc Jacobs Beauty has launched 5 new gel liners that are in a selection of spring tones to add a little pop of colour to the eyes.

 Firstly, these are ridiculously long wearing. After testing out, I had to go over my eye area several times with an oil-based remover and it still required additional removing at bedtime. Great if you have oily eyelids, watery eyes or don’t like too smudgy eye liners. Not great if you have sensitive eyes that don’t enjoy too much rubbing. They are completely waterproof!

 The texture is smooth on application and pigment pay off is bold from the outset. The tip is a twist up although it’s blunted off to a square tip, which is odd. It doesn’t take long to mould into the shape you desire though.
 The super fine tip allows you to get close to the lash line or water line of the eye. You need to apply and blend immediately. There isn’t a lot of playtime.

 Shade wise, I really like the selection. The pink is nice in the waterline for a brighter eye and the steel blue is a very pretty alternative to grey.

The Fine liner Ultra-Skinny gel liner is available this month for £20 each.


  1. I have never found an eyeliner that lasts on my waterline so I think I'll have to take the plunge and grab one of these ASAP!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

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  3. Omg, the wine and vine are just gorgeous!

    Mariya |

  4. Wow! Going to have to buy and try now! They look lush. And there I was telling myself I woulnd't be buying any makeup this month...

    Isce at Where Did You Buy That

  5. I have had my eye on this for so long, I am going to have to look into these!

    Danielle xx

  6. I love how fine these liners look, they look so perfect for getting in between your lashes xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  7. These are fantastic beauty accessories.

  8. such pencils will be very useful to me on the course


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