Monday, 18 February 2019

Chanel 1957

*This fragrance was gifted to us by Chanel

1957 is one of the newest fragrance launches from Chanel and although it’s sometimes hard to describe a fragrance experience via a blog, this one has a nice little back-story.

 So why 1957? There are a few reasons. Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite number was famously 19 and 57th Street is where the Chanel flagship boutique sits proudly in New York. 1957 also happens to be the year of Gabrielle Chanel’s consecration in America.

Perfumer-creator Oliver Polge along with the Chanel laboratory of fragrance creation have developed a fragrance that is soapy, soft, and light that smells clean, fresh but un-mistakenly Chanel.

It uses eight white musks that are layered in veils. His inspiration was Gabrielle Chanel’s pearls and how they emit different reflections depending on the light.  Slightly woody, honeyed notes are apparent and you can really detect the spicy tones of pink pepper and coriander. Vanilla is also in there but it wasn’t overly obvious to me personally, there isn’t the sickly sweet scent that vanilla often produces.

It’s quite a warming scent that has the soapiness of Chanel No5 but a slightly citrus scent of that is detected in Chanel Chance. If you like No5 but don’t like the powdery intensity then you’ll probably enjoy this fragrance.

It’s not cheap, it’s a whopping £280 for 200ml so head into stores to have a test and wear for a day to check you like it first!
 You can purchase here.



  1. I was 8 years old!! My first real perfumes were Youth Dew and Joy!! Still love their scents but like greener notes.xx

  2. I love the Chanel perfumes, but you are right definitely have to be sure at that price!

    Liz -


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