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Vegan options for your makeup bag

You may have seen Nic’s recent vegan makeup tutorial. Nic has shown you how to create a natural daytime look using some key vegan items but if you’re feeling the need to fill your toiletry bag or makeup bag with further vegan items then check out our list of some great vegan options.

Sunscreen is essential all year round if you want your skin to be looking 10 years younger than it really is. 

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Ultrasun have some vegan options for face and body in numerous textures, blends and application methods. They also cater for sensitive skin and children.

There are a lot of skincare brands on the market that are especially for vegans so do shop around. We love Lumene for the sheer volume of skincare products that are available with no compromise on the quality of ingredients.
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Check out Nutri-recharging intense moisturiser for a dryer skin, Matt Hydration for a combination skin or Hydration rescue for a more sensitive skin. They also have night oils, facial and spritzes.

For a luxury brand to slather over your body during the harsh winter months then look no further than Aesop. 

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Their skin products are all vegan and there’s a huge range of body balms, hand creams and washes.

For primers and highlighters to prep your base to perfection, check out CoverFX. They cater for a variety of skin types with a selection of highlighters for fair through to deeper skin tones.

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For the brows check out Elf Instant lift brow pencil. They have a good shade selection to suit blonde, brunette, ashy tones for blonde or grey hair, auburn for red heads and black for dark hair.

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 It’s a twist up pencil with a fine point for precise application.

You know we love a cream eye shadow to sweep over the lid for a quick eye look or as a base for our powder eye shadows. Nudestix have a great selection of matte and shimmer cream stick eye shadows that have excellent colour payoff and good blend ability.

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 Not all of their shades are vegan but the website guides you through the shades which are.

A lot of vegan powder eye shadows seem to have a dusty feel, with fall out and a wishy-washy pigment. 

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Jeffree Star has vibrant intense shades, which don’t blend down to nothing. They are all vegan and cater for all skin tones.

Inika has a good selection of both pencil and liquid eyeliners in a variety of safe colour options, no shades available if you’re into vibrant eyeliners unfortunately.

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Lumene have fair selection of watercolour blusher, powder blusher and bronzers all in vegan formula. Shades are very soft and only really cater for these who like a natural pink or peach but if you fancy something with a little more of a punchy pigment, then check out MILK’s range of blusher.

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For the lips you can be sure to find a colour to suit from Hourglass. They have many textures and shade depths depending on your desired finish.

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Finally, no look is complete without a spritz of fragrance and if you’ve got the budget the check out Jo Loves, which cater for vegans and don’t compromise on the heavenly scents.

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Which other brands are your favourite Vegan brands?


Monday, 28 January 2019

Friday, 25 January 2019

Smashbox LA Cover Shot Palette

The LA Cover Shot palette from Smashbox is the perfect capsule eye shadow palette for your holiday makeup bag. It’s tricky to know which eyeshades to take away with you, especially if you’re heading off to a hot destination where your skin tone is likely to deepen. This palette holds 16 powder shade options and also a full size jet-black gel liner.
 You can find bikini brights, copper and gold with pewter and sparkling plum. It has nine matte shades and seven shimmer shades in a longwearing vibrant pigment.
 Shades would suit all skin tones including the highlighting colours, which are not just in the classic cream but also peach, and cork for deeper skin tones.
Highlighter Colours
If you want to increase the vibrancy of the shades you can apply and blend out the black gel liner as a base first. This will amp up the powder shadow tones but also aid longevity.

This palette is available now for £39.50 and you can shop here.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love

The new high pigment lipsticks from Becca have landed and there are 30 shades of long wearing silky satin lipsticks to chose from.

Infused with Hyaluronic acid, avocado and olive oils, these glide over dryness to deliver an even, vibrant pigment that delivers a pure, true colour pay-off.

 The texture is thick and opaque and the bullet allows great precision.

 The finish is satin with a creaminess that provides a subtle light reflection without a glossy finish.

Categorised by undertone, there is a shade for everyone from nude apricot the

through to flame red and deep mocha.

This collection is available here now and exclusively in John Lewis stores They are £20 each.


Monday, 21 January 2019

Friday, 18 January 2019

Dior Forever Foundation

Dior’s forever foundation has had a makeover and has been reinvented into two new finishes, matte and glow.

Firstly the glow.
Lightweight, relatively undetectable on the skin with a light to medium coverage. Its glow is not as glowy as I was expecting. It’s more of a natural satin than a luminous radiance however it feels comfortably fluid on the skin with no caking or obvious settling into fine lines.

There are 31 shade options, which is great although most of these are at the lighter end of the spectrum with only really four shades for a deeper skin tone.
 Longevity is good and it doesn’t feel tacky on the skin as some glowing foundations do, and therefore suitable for all skin types including combination/oily.
 Easy to blend and work with and teams up nicely with either a firm brush or a looser stippling brush.

The matte.
Heavier than the glow and slightly more of a chalkier finish The finish is totally matte and dries off fast. Slightly less forgiving than the glow so if you have uneven texture or fine or deeper lines then it’s more settling on the glow.

 My skin is a little dehydrated at present and I found the glow was more flattering.
 36 shades to select from in this range and a better selection for deeper skin tones.

Both foundations are £37.00 and available here now.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

MAC In Monochrome Collection

With regards to fashion and home interiors, I’m not someone who likes matchy-matchy. I prefer a clashing look with interesting colour combinations and the same is true to a degree with regards to makeup. I can however really appreciate a monochromatic look in makeup. One tone that is applied in light strokes or in compacted layers to show tonal diversity. I think it shows skill to be able to make one tone interesting in so many ways and it adds an almost antiquated beautiful finish to a makeup look, reminiscent of the days when one product was used in a multitude of ways.
 Mac Cosmetics latest limited edition collection, ‘In Monochrome’ is compromised of key cult shades of the same tone but represented in different products.
 In the colour line up you can find a collection in Ruby Woo, See Sheer, Velvet Teddy, Candy Yum-Yum, heroine and Diva.
We have the Diva collection of shades to share with you. This shade range works on all skin tones and can be used to give a soft rosebud effect to the features or a full on sultry intense finish.
 Each shade line-up has eye shadows in various finishes, blusher, lipstick and lip gloss.Colour payoff is bold but workable and the blusher in particular is a beautiful 'just come in from a winter walk'look.

This collection is available now online here and at all MAC Free Standing locations.


Monday, 14 January 2019

Friday, 11 January 2019

Stila Stay all day waterproof brow colour

January always feels like the best time to strip your makeup back a little and put the emphasis back onto your skin and natural features.
 Stila have the perfect brow marker to suit this look if you’re after a natural tint and hair stroke finish.
 It’s a felt tip pen style applicator with a fairly long flexible tip. The liquid applies very naturally and even if you’re a little heavy handed, it’s an easy product to work with and correct.
 This brow marker comes in medium warm and dark as well as light ash, auburn, light brow (which is almost khaki_, and then 4 shades of varying grey shades. Possibly one of the most extensive range of greys I have seen which is fabulous.
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 This brow product is also waterproof and lasts really well on the skin. When selecting your shade, you can afford to go a shade darker that you think you should as the tones come up on the lighter side.

Because this is a very natural finish product you may find you need to team it up with a secondary brow product to get the desired depth. What it’s good at is adding tone and imitating texture. It’s also a good product to experiment new brow shapes with as it lies down subtly and is easy to build.
Sam is wearing the shade in dark here and has also teamed it up with Surratt beauty Brow pomade for extra depth.

You can purchase Stila Stay all day brow colour here for £17.00

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