Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

It’s nude but it’s a Huda beauty kind of Nude! The latest New Nude palette combines multiple textured shadows in an array of warming plums and taupe’s with 2 intense glitter shades thrown in for good festive measure.
There is a concealer shade in a soft peach so you may blank out the natural eyelid undertone first. It's almost colourless so would work for all light to medium skin tones. It may look a little ashy on deeper skin tones but as you'll be applying shadow on top, it's not a problem. It acts as a great base for the glitter to adhere to.
The other tones are a combination of matte, duo-chrome, glitter and pressed pearl. 16 shades in total but with the exception of the concealer shade and the colour in Bare, they are all highly coloured, there isn’t much in the way of natural tones to blend with.
Powders have excellent pigment and the glitter looks amazing when pressed on top. Best way to work with the glitter is either wear it alone on top of a cream or press firmly on top of the other shades once you have completed your eye look. It doesn't blend very easily so you need to pat it on and step away!
 The duo-chrome shades have a high metallic payoff and creates a beautiful luminous vibrant finish.
I found the matte shades crumbled and dropped so I would advise leaving your foundation until afterwards. 

You can get hold of the Huda Beauty New Nude Palette here for £56.00


  1. Not crazy about the shades in this one and the glitter just isn't for me.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  2. Thanks for this review it is quite helpful, I am also a makeup vlogger and always in a hunt to know about what people are saying about different cosmetic packaging and products. Your blog is really helpful bookmarking it so I can check what you are gonna share next


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