Thursday, 25 October 2018

YSL The Slim Rouge Pur Couture The Slim

The latest YSL rouge Pur Couture The Slim is available and I have mixed views on it.
 Firstly the positives. The texture and pigment is wonderful. Rich and creamy and the colour lays down with ease. Nice array of shades that cater well for all skin tones. Pigment is strong from the get-go and longevity is excellent. It wears off evenly and even once the bulk of the pigment has gone, it still leaves a stain on the lips.
 The finish is matte but without any dryness and even if you have textured lips, it doesn’t cling or settle.

We have 12 shades to show you..
 My negative is, and there’s only one, is the bullet shape. I know it’s this lipstick’s USP however I just can’t get on with it. I find it difficult to get any precision and if you attempt to use the very corner, it rounds down and also makes it hard to apply.You can see from the state of the swatches on my arm how difficult it is to get it on neatly!
If you have smaller lips you’re best to use a lip brush and you’ll perhaps have to team it up with a lip liner also.

All 17 shades are available here and are £29 each.



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