Monday, 1 October 2018

Surratt Lid Lacquer

Ooh this is right up our street. Smudgy, greasy, messy, unkempt and easy to just slick on. This is not a product to faff with. Wash it over the lid and wear it messy. Don’t try to tame it with a blending brush or setting powder, just go with it.

 The texture is very creamy and the finish is a reflective vinyl. It doesn’t feel sticky but it never really dries so you can expect separation and creasing although this is how it’s meant to perform.
Available in 8 moody shades which are best worn on their own as blending together creates a bit of a muddy pool of colour, unless this is how you want to wear it

Surratt Lid Lacquers are £34 each and available here.



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