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Products to get your glow back

 With the change in seasons I have noticed a huge change in my skin texture. It's dehydrated from the central heating, dry from the north wind here in Norfolk and just doesn't look very radiant.
 I've begun to switch up a few items from my regular routine so that more radiance boosting products are being used.
 Here are a few of my favourite products that have given me noticable glowing results. 

SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10-£80

Anything that works whilst I sleep is a win for me. SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew overnight is a lightweight lotion that contains Glycolic acid at 10%.

 This high dose of AHA means that it’s only suitable for nighttime use when no exposure to UV will occur.

 It’s my go-to product when my skin is lack lustre, dry, dull or if I have any marks from old blemishes that I want to assist in reducing.

 If you’ve never used Glycolic before then use sparingly to begin with and gradually over time, increase usage. Overuse can lead to dry flaky patches so take your time. Even once tolerant, only a pea-sized amount is required.

 Good for pigmentation, dull skins, post treatment skin, acne scaring, or skin affected by pollution, central heating or seasonal change.Shop here.

Medik8 C-Tetra-£35

I adore most Medik8 products. They are a good brand to go for if you want no nonsense, does what it says on the tin with good results. 


 Vitamin C is notoriously good for pigmentation, dullness or scarring but the Medik8 C-Tetra is particularly good. Firstly it smells amazing. Zingy and fresh and not synthetic. The texture is very light, making it suitable for all skin types, including oily. It’s lipid-soluble, which means the molecule size can penetrate the skin’s natural lipid Bilayer structure, and help to strengthen the skins defense, assists in radiance and stimulates collagen production.
Good for pigmentation, scarring, skin that needs plumping and skin that doesn’t radiate a healthy glow.Shop here.

Ren Ready Steady Glow AHA Toner-£25

I’ve used a ton of acid toners and for an affordable one that produces obvious results then the AHA toner from Ren is a good purchase.

Not stingy or drying but sweeps off dead skin cells and assists in cell renewal without drying. A host of acids including lactic acid, glycolic acid and azelaic acid to assist in loosening the bonds that hold dead skin cells to the adjacent cells, refine pores and fine lines whilst hydrating and brightening.

 Good for sensitive skin (although build your tolerance) skin that has poor healing or slow cell turnover. Both oily or dry skins and those who are prone to breakouts.Shop here.

Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Mist-£18.50

This facial spritz is like a caffeine shot for the skin. Spritz on after your final stage of skincare application before foundation application. If you’re after a double dose then chose the Ginzing Tinted Moisturiser, it’s awesome also.

  It contains coffee to stimulate the skin cells, citrus oil including grapefruit, orange and lemon. Glycerin to hydrate, Tourmaline to energise and encourage collagen reproduction, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate which, is a stable form of Vitamin C and Folic acid to fight skin ageing.
 It’s a spritz that lifts the spirits and also assists in the flawless buffing in of your base makeup.Shop here.

Sunday Riley Juno Face oil-£35/£70

I’ve used Juno as part of my evening regime for years and notice the difference in my skin if I forget to use it. It’s beautiful to use nightly as a facial massage or treatment oil. It’s a thick oil that feels occlusive and nourishing. Like a comforting blanket of skin nutrition.
Contains a host of super food ingredients including blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, carrot and broccoli. We all know the benefits of eating these ingredients so imagine the benefit when used exclusively topically on the skin.
 If you have a big event coming up that requires you to feel confident in your skin then Juno is worth a look. I think it works on all skin types but those who have scarring, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, irritation and lackluster skin will benefit the most. It lives up to the hype in my opinion.Shop here.

Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Butter-£10

I’ve used loads of different cleansing balms but I always go back to this one. Not only is it easy to get hold of, it’s budget friendly and for most of us, cleansers are hastily massaged in and washed off, so who wants to spend a fortune?

 It’s balmy without being greasy, melts away even stubborn makeup, massages over with the perfect amount of slip and removes without residue. It’s nourishing, hydrating, fully cleanses and calms even a sensitive skin. A little goes a long way so it lasts ages.

 Emollient based with added olive fruit oil, vitamin E and sunflower seed oil. If you’re prone to breakouts then be aware that this does contain shea butter, which has been linked to blemishes and breakouts.Shop here.

Apothaka Comforting Oil Booster-£15.50

During the season change from stifling summer to northerly winds and sideways rain, this has been my secret weapon. A small drop goes along way and I have found it beneficial to massage into the smaller areas of my face that are in need or a little extra TLC. You can of course use it all over if required.

 It’s essential oil free, if you’re sensitive to EO and contains essential fatty acids, safflower and sunflower to protect and nourish. The added calendula is good for an irritated or impaired skin and Coenzyme Q10 soothes whilst acting as a powerful antioxidant.

 Good for topical use on areas of impaired skin or for use all over for a luxurious bedtime treatment that won’t break the bank!Shop here.


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Thursday, 25 October 2018

YSL The Slim Rouge Pur Couture The Slim

The latest YSL rouge Pur Couture The Slim is available and I have mixed views on it.
 Firstly the positives. The texture and pigment is wonderful. Rich and creamy and the colour lays down with ease. Nice array of shades that cater well for all skin tones. Pigment is strong from the get-go and longevity is excellent. It wears off evenly and even once the bulk of the pigment has gone, it still leaves a stain on the lips.
 The finish is matte but without any dryness and even if you have textured lips, it doesn’t cling or settle.

We have 12 shades to show you..
 My negative is, and there’s only one, is the bullet shape. I know it’s this lipstick’s USP however I just can’t get on with it. I find it difficult to get any precision and if you attempt to use the very corner, it rounds down and also makes it hard to apply.You can see from the state of the swatches on my arm how difficult it is to get it on neatly!
If you have smaller lips you’re best to use a lip brush and you’ll perhaps have to team it up with a lip liner also.

All 17 shades are available here and are £29 each.


Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Pat McGrath Triple the Fantasy Christmas Palettes

A trio of opulent palettes landed on my desk this week from the fabulous Pat McGrath Christmas collection.

 Beautiful Jem imagery is used on the packaging and secured shut with a red twist band.

 The palette folds open to reveal six large circles of eye shadow in a mix of metallic foil and intense matte finishes.

The eye shadow pay off is superb. The shade you see in the pan is what you get on the eye. It applies with a thick covering of colour that feels like you are laying a sheet of shimmer fabric over your eye. It catches the light beautifully and the shimmer isn’t dulled by blending. As with most eye shadows of this texture, there is chunky drop down. Use a flat firm brush to press the powder in before blending out with a fluffy brush.

 Depending if you prefer a palette of lighter highlighting shades or wearable smoky shades with pops of colour then check out the three options.

Mthrshp Subliminal: Dark Star

Turquoise palette containing gold and copper but with three blue options and a sparkling plum.

 Mthrshp Sublime: Bronze Temptation

Ruby red palette containing warmer toned matte neutrals and a shimmering peacock green and blackened red.

 Mthrshp Subversive: Metalmorphosis

Candy pink palette with gold, silver and bronze shades, smoked amethyst and pewter.

These palettes are £98 each and available here.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Friday, 19 October 2018

2018 Beauty Advent Calendars

The good old-fashioned chocolate advent calendar of our youth has evolved and the beauty industry is cashing in on this childhood December ritual.

 The 2018 calendars have begun to arrive in the office so I thought you might like a sneak preview of what’s on offer.

 I didn’t want to open all of the calendar doors and spoil the surprise so have only opened a couple to give you an idea of the treats inside.

Includes 2 full sized products and 22 mini products from both the colour and skincare range. Packaging is not particularly exuberant, cardboard with colourful baubles scattered across the front. 

The box opens up at the ends allowing you to remove the products inside via a plastic tray if you can’t possibly wait until the next day.
 The products inside however are a nice mix of neutral colours to suit all and a great way to introduce Clinique skincare to someone who want’s to test the range out without too much commitment.

 This is my favourite packaging simply because it’s completely re-usable. It’s a rectangle freestanding block that revolves around itself to reveal a new side and more drawers.

 Bright, fun and attractive and very well made. Nice to keep year after year as you can pop your own treats inside the drawers for someone else or a child.
 Products are a mix of bath, body and face products all in the various fragrance offerings that L’Occitane has.

 The ultimate luxury calendar. This smells amazing, before you’ve even opened a single door.

 It’s super heavy and free stands. It opens up like a book and reveals a beautiful etched London scene inside.
 I couldn’t bring myself to open the doors but if you've forked out £150 then you probably deserve the suprise!


Thursday, 18 October 2018

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Glamoween with Barry M

Halloween doesn’t have to always be about the gore, it’s fine to get your glitter on and create a look that is just as interesting as a face full of blood splatter!

Barry M are all about Glamoween this year and have some fun creative face jewels, which you can adorn quickly and easily with little skill. Great if you still want to feel as though you’ve made a bit of effort but in half the time.
 There are four face jewel options and you don’t of course have to wear them exactly how Barry M suggests. You can get creative or even add them to your existing Halloween look to add a little something extra.

If you’re in need of some vibrant glitter that won’t break the bank then check out their Pick ‘N’ Glitz glitter.
 Both the glitter and the face jewels are £4.99 each here.


Thursday, 11 October 2018

Pat McGrath Labs Lip Fetish

There’s always a storm when Pat McGrath launches a new product. It’s like we’re all privy to an industry insider product. Hot off of the back of New York and London Fashion Week where Pat McGrath products graced shows such as Victoria Beckham, Anna Sui, Calvin Klein and coach.
 Launching 22nd September (although I have just seen they are available online now) Pat McGrath Labs is releasing 9 new lip fetish shades.
 Firstly, I’m loving the cardboard packaging in a newspaper style print with gold embossed letters and cotton fastening.  The lip products themselves are housed in white and gold click-shut packaging with a golden 3D lip wrapped around the base.

The lipstick revolves up with a satisfyingly rounded bullet and allows a precision application.
 The colours appear bold in the bullet but these are not a strongly pigmented product, they are balmy tints that envelop the lip in an emollient rich slick of colour that works with the natural tones of the lip underneath but still providing just a touch of colour.
 The added ingredients are like a hug for the lips and you can be sure your lips will be protected, and enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Both hydrating and comforting.
 Shades are delicate and include a mix of bronzed roses, coral, soft vino and mulberry russets.
 You will probably find that most shades will fit all.
 The texture is wonderful and leaves the lips with a low level sheen. For effectively, a balm, the colour lasts well on the lips and the moisturised texture does remain for hours.
 You can purchase shades individually for £30 or as part of a pre-selected trio for £74 or if you've won the lottery you can buy the whole nine shades for £215. Shipping costs will also occur if you’re out of the states.
 You can view the collection here and shop online now.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Hourglass Ambient-Unlocked Palette

Hourglass have launched their Ambient-Unlocked palette and this years is a palette with a purpose. To celebrate that Hourglass is cruelty free and this palette in particular is 100% vegan, a portion of the cost of this product goes towards supporting the Non Human Rights Project.

 The Non Human Rights Project is the only civil rights organisation in the US that is working towards legally recognising the rights of nonhuman animals. You can read about the organisation here.

The palette features 6 new exclusive shades but still typical to what you would expect to see in the usual Ambient palettes.

 Something for all skin tones and in a blend of skin uplifting and radiance enhancing tones.

 The finish is subtle enough to dust all over to enhance your complexion or to layer on top of your blusher to highlight. The dusky pink shade in Mood flush is particularly pretty on the apples of the cheeks for a gloriously natural pink flush.

 The boldest shade is the Metallic strobe, which, is a Moonlit Pearl. It’s the most obvious shade amongst the 6 but not so illuminating that it could ever be too much.

This palette is available now here for £69.00 and you’ll know you’ve picked up the right palette as the packaging has a bunny silhouette in the Hourglass ‘H’.


Monday, 1 October 2018

Surratt Lid Lacquer

Ooh this is right up our street. Smudgy, greasy, messy, unkempt and easy to just slick on. This is not a product to faff with. Wash it over the lid and wear it messy. Don’t try to tame it with a blending brush or setting powder, just go with it.

 The texture is very creamy and the finish is a reflective vinyl. It doesn’t feel sticky but it never really dries so you can expect separation and creasing although this is how it’s meant to perform.
Available in 8 moody shades which are best worn on their own as blending together creates a bit of a muddy pool of colour, unless this is how you want to wear it

Surratt Lid Lacquers are £34 each and available here.

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