Thursday, 27 September 2018

Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge

'Tis almost the season! I know, I know, let’s get Halloween done first but Christmas waits for no man and the festive products are rolling in.

 The latest Dior rouge shades have launched, and although you don’t need to wait for December to slick on a red lip, these are particularly beautiful if you’ve got some festive parties coming up.
 In glorious red packaging, there are 26 shades in the line up and all with a very nostalgic powdery fragrance that I can’t quite put my finger on.

 A mix of vibrant cherr, Damson, tangerine and pillar-box red and also a very ‘hot-right-now’ red-toned black and an icy white.

 The texture is creamy and rich and each shade adds a punchy pigment with a long lasting finish.
To compliment the lipsticks are four ink lip liners. I’ve found pro’s and con’s to these lip liners.

I like the extremely precise point, the colour pigment, the fluidity and the longevity. They are also excellent if you want to alter the shape of your natural lip liner.
 The cover they give is completely opaque. You can literally re-draw in your whole lip line without it looking odd.

 What I’m not keen on is the absolute steady hand you have to have. It’s not too difficult to correct with a damp cotton bud but it stains and works better if you’re a seasoned lip liner applier!

 It also bleeds if you have fine lines so just be aware of that.

Check out all of the shades in the line-up here.


  1. None of the shades are too unique or appealing enough to spend this much.

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  2. My very stylish Grandmother never left the house without her rouge and lipstick, never!! When she had come for a visit from across the mountains, I hid her lipstick hoping that when she discovered her loss she would come back. I think I wept when she didn't return!! She was 78, still working, wearing beautiful clothes and gloves, a really fashionable lady!! She passed away in 1970, miss her still!!xx


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