Monday, 17 September 2018

it cosmetics Oil-Free Matte CC Cream

We’ve had the standard CC with SPF50, the glowing version and finally the oil-free matte version.

 It Cosmetics CC cream has become the cult product to have. I often wear the standard one and switch between the medium and Medium Tan depending on the season.

 This month I have been testing out the Your skin but better CC Oil-free matte.

The coverage feels heavier than both the standard and glowing CC versions and has an almost chalky texture to begin with. It quickly blends out to a smoother creamier finish; you just need to work it a bit. Using a facial spritz or applying a slick of moisturiser beforehand also helps to blend if your skin is not particularly oily.

I found the coverage really good and gave a velvet totally matte finish to the skin. It has a very flawless and filtered effect to the skin but if you wanted to sheer it out you could mix it with your moisturiser.

The negatives for me were that it was a little clingy. If you have any dry patches, texture or a particularly hairy face then it will be visible. It’s also a very flat finish, which is obviously the desired finish for a very oily skin, but you do feel that you need to add a bit of highlight onto the skin to give it dimension.

12 shades available that include deeper tones but generally the shades are for fairer to olive skins. I found the shades came up a shade lighter than you expect.
Shade: Medium

 Good SPF40 protection with no flashback and the high protection make it a nice choice to use all year round.

It Cosmetics CC+ Oil Free Matte is available now here and is £30 for 32ml pump action tube.



  1. Im sooo grateful for this review (Stacey, I presume) I was going to buy this one to try but i think ill just stick to my usual original formula


  2. The shades are nice but options are limited for darker tones. Also i feel that this gives a slightly ashy finish to my skin.

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