Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Great Hair Days by Luke Hersheson

Hair and makeup have always come hand in hand when working in this industry but hair has never really been our thing. Whilst studying makeup at college, hairdressing was a prerequisite but also the lesson we tended to bunk off, favouring eating crisps in the common room over learning the difference between the medulla and the cuticle.

 Hairdressing and how to achieve great hair has come along way since our studying days. It almost seems to have been simplified with the emphasis on hair quality, texture and effortless finish over the prom style curl and overuse of the back comb.

If you are a student struggling to get to grips (no pun intended) with the world of hair or just someone who has never understood how to tame their own mane then the glorious new book by Hair dressing royalty Luke Hersheson is an essential.

Not only a coffee table centre piece (also has three front cover colour options to suit), but also a hair bible for all. Beautifully presented in easy to read sections, detailing everything from how to discover your hair type and exactly how to manage it. What you should be requesting from your own hairdresser and how to recognise when they’re doing you an injustice.
 It gets to the root of exactly what tools and products you need but more importantly, what you shouldn’t be wasting your money on.

 There are current product recommendations from budget to luxury and also great advice on treating your hair from the inside out via your diet.

 It also has recommendations on which celebrity looks to ask for and also what professionals you need to be following on social media to gather your inspiration.

Luke Hersheson’s book is available now for £20 and available here. If you’re thinking of Christmas gifts for beauty and hair fanatics or students then I’m certain this will be welcomed in their stocking!

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  1. It definitely sounds interesting. Will try and look it up online since i am having a lot of bad hair days these days.

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