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Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream/Oil

 We seem to know loads of couples expecting babies at the moment. It must have been all that cold weather we had in the beginning of the year. People staying in and getting cosy!
 A few friends have asked me on my recommendations on good bump creams and a brand that I used during my pregnancy and also on my baby was Mustela.
 There are a few texture options depending on what you prefer. I personally don’t like hard butters that you have to work to melt before massaging in. They seem to drag the skin too much and seem like extra effort.
 Mustela have a cream or an oil option. Both lightweight, easy to massage in and easily absorbed.

Oil is always my favourite, it’s a much more luxurious texture and feels like a real treat to use. Around 4 squirts will allow enough oil to cover your bump, breasts and thigh/buttock area. I would advise using it from the chest down to your thighs, as these are the areas that will slowly stretch to accommodate your growing baby and need a little extra lubrication.

Ingredients include Lupine seeds, which has proven results increasing elasticity and firmness. It also stimulates collagen, which helps give the support and structure to the skin.

 Pomegranate, avocado and musk rose help with cell regeneration, hydration, tone and elasticity.

 Doesn’t smell too rosy thankfully, quite a fresh scent.

A really nice product to use from day one but the squirting action makes it a good choice for the later months when it’s tricky to see where you are applying!

The stretch mark cream is milky and light in texture. The most easily absorbed out of the two and better for those who prefer a quick drying product rather than an oil which lingers for 15 minutes before completely absorbing.

 Water based with sunflower seed oil, avocado and the same Lupine Seeds mentioned before.

I preferred to use this cream during the day after showering or early in pregnancy and went for the oil later on or during the evening.

These products will not completely prevent stretchmark’s. Unfortunately that greatly depends on your skin type and genetics. What it will do is support your skin during growth, allow it to feel more flexible in order to stretch and will condition and soften the skin. It’s actually just a really nice self-loving habit to get into and I believe it will reduce the chances of initial damage.

These products are safe for mum and baby during pre-natal and post-partum with no added alcohol or caffeine included.

Shop the Mustela range here.

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