Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Cozzette Infinite Dimension Mascara

 Whether you have sparse lashes or are just a little neurotic about getting your individual lashes in exactly the right position then you may want to take a look at Cozzette Infinite Dimension Mascara.

 It’s a double-ended mascara only currently in black and is also cruelty free and vegan.

 End one is the lash volumist side and features a flat shaped curvy wand with groups of bristles enabling volume and separation. It’s a glossy texture and coats without caking and leaves the lashes with a soft fluffy finish. Smudge proof but not waterproof. The formula is creamy but dries quickly.

The second end is a super-fine wand in a twisted patter. It allows you to apply product to the finest lashes on the inner corners of the eyes or on the bottom lashes. Especially good for those with fine lashes, sparse lashes or if you struggle to apply mascara with a larger brush. It’s also nice to use after the fatter brush to separate and position the lashes.

Available now for £18.00 here.


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Monday, 20 August 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder

Chalky talc powders, which, cling to skin texture and enhance fine lines, are old news these days. Powders now tend to be a little more forgiving and allow you to still have a natural finish that also keeps your skin matte and your foundation in place.
Medium Shade
 Charlotte Tilbury is launching her new Magic Powder on the 23rd August. It’s made from Veggie powder as an alternative to talc and silky mica creates a natural matte finish but still with a brightening radiance.
 Other key ingredients include Japanese oil, Tsubaki oil, which acts as a fast-absorbing moisturiser along with squaline and olive oil derivatives to hydrate, condition and provide anti oxidant properties.

The particles are super fine and provide a fine layer of silky powder. It feels as though it’s absorbed into the skin rather than sitting on top. It merges with your natural skin tones and textures to act as a second skin.
 It’s in no way glittery or shimmery but more akin to a pair of 5 denier silk tights. A soft focus radiance that’s undetectable.
 Nice to use all over and especially great for use under the eyes, even if you have crepey or dry skin.

Available in light, medium and dark and not a cheap one at £33.00 but the 13g pot should last you a good while.

Available here and in store from 23rd August.


Friday, 17 August 2018

Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow

Just in time for Autumn/Winter, Hourglass have launched their scattered light glitter shadows.
 5 shades of cream shadow that contain pearl pigments that reflect the light for a crystal-like shimmer.

 Pigment pay off is good and even after blending, the colour pay-off is good. Glitter is vibrant and holds its position well without transferring. Bold enough to stand alone but also weightless enough to tap over existing shadows.

 These are slightly crumbly on initial application so I  would advise creating your eye look before your base and be aware of drop down on your work area also. We all know glitter is a nightmare to remove from fabric.

Available now here for £26.00 each.


Monday, 13 August 2018

GameFace Student Survival Kit from Estee Lauder Brands

If you have a relative or friend who is off to University this September then the GameFace survival kit is the perfect gift.

 Estee Lauder have created the GameFace box which, includes 8 mini products to see them through the first few months whilst they are finding their feet.

What’s Included…

Estee lauder Day Wear Crème SPF15

Fresh, lightweight moisturiser with added bonus of a broad Spectrum SPF15.

 Suitable for Normal to Combination skin types.

Clinique 2-1 Cleansing Micellar Gel

Give them no excuses to sleep in their makeup after the student bar crawl. This micellar gel removes makeup and general grime (not waterproof makeup) and requires a mere tissue to remove.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask
Slap this on overnight to wake up to hydrated, intensively moisturised skin. A great rescue for partied out skin.

Glamglow Gravity Mud

Instagram worthy mask that coats the skin in a silver veil with firming and lifting benefits to the skin.

MAC Strobe Cream

The ultimate skin pick-me-up. Use on the high points of the face or mix with your moisturiser/foundation for an all over glow.

Smashbox Super Fan Mascara

Volumising jet black mascara, which curls and separates without clumping and drop down.

Bumble & Bumble DrySpun

Who has time to wash your hair when there is so much studying/partying to be done! Spritz this on the roots for a volumising oomph.

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color in Ruby

Balmy bold pigment in a wearable deep red. Everyone needs a new red lipstick for a new adventure in life.

The GameFace Survival Kit is available from Tuesday 14th August for £25.00 on all of the above mentioned brand websites.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara


 For the last few years I have been using Lilash lash growth treatment (which is excellent if you’re looking for a great lash treatment) but I have gotten lazy with my application and haven’t applied for a good 3 months now. My lashes have actually kept a lot of the strength and aren’t looking quite as stubby as they used to but I’ve been on the hunt for a mascara that would make the most of my lashes with minimal effort.
 Hurrah for Hourglass. Their new Caution Extreme lash Mascara is one of the best I have tested for a long time.
 The packaging is the classic Hourglass triangle design and the lid has a very satisfying click as you close it!
The brush has a tapered end and is jam-packed full of short and long firm bristles. Reminds me of a chimney sweep, grabbing each lash and coating with coal black creamy product.
 The tip enables you to pick out the finer inner lashes and the body of the brush curls the lashes round whilst separating. The texture is creamy without being too blobby or caked and the finish is a glossy, jet black.
 Easy to apply and brushes through the lashes with ease, giving enough fluidity to re-apply multiple times without appearing spidery.
Good for short lashes, sparse lashes or those who don't like anything too gloopy.
This mascara is £25.00 but if you want to try it first then you can also purchase a smaller travel size for £12.00.

Get hold of both sizes here.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream/Oil

 We seem to know loads of couples expecting babies at the moment. It must have been all that cold weather we had in the beginning of the year. People staying in and getting cosy!
 A few friends have asked me on my recommendations on good bump creams and a brand that I used during my pregnancy and also on my baby was Mustela.
 There are a few texture options depending on what you prefer. I personally don’t like hard butters that you have to work to melt before massaging in. They seem to drag the skin too much and seem like extra effort.
 Mustela have a cream or an oil option. Both lightweight, easy to massage in and easily absorbed.

Oil is always my favourite, it’s a much more luxurious texture and feels like a real treat to use. Around 4 squirts will allow enough oil to cover your bump, breasts and thigh/buttock area. I would advise using it from the chest down to your thighs, as these are the areas that will slowly stretch to accommodate your growing baby and need a little extra lubrication.

Ingredients include Lupine seeds, which has proven results increasing elasticity and firmness. It also stimulates collagen, which helps give the support and structure to the skin.

 Pomegranate, avocado and musk rose help with cell regeneration, hydration, tone and elasticity.

 Doesn’t smell too rosy thankfully, quite a fresh scent.

A really nice product to use from day one but the squirting action makes it a good choice for the later months when it’s tricky to see where you are applying!

The stretch mark cream is milky and light in texture. The most easily absorbed out of the two and better for those who prefer a quick drying product rather than an oil which lingers for 15 minutes before completely absorbing.

 Water based with sunflower seed oil, avocado and the same Lupine Seeds mentioned before.

I preferred to use this cream during the day after showering or early in pregnancy and went for the oil later on or during the evening.

These products will not completely prevent stretchmark’s. Unfortunately that greatly depends on your skin type and genetics. What it will do is support your skin during growth, allow it to feel more flexible in order to stretch and will condition and soften the skin. It’s actually just a really nice self-loving habit to get into and I believe it will reduce the chances of initial damage.

These products are safe for mum and baby during pre-natal and post-partum with no added alcohol or caffeine included.

Shop the Mustela range here.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Chanel Apotheosis Fall/Winter Collection 2018

 Chanel needs no introduction, we all know about the sumptuous rich lip tones and the perfectly moody smudgy eye palettes. I hate to talk about Autumn/Winter but Apotheosis has landed and is launching today!

Lucia Pica, Global Creative makeup designer, has mixed vivid tones; signature Chanel reds and eye catching gunmetal blue all neatly combined within new matte black packaging. Matte black is just so chic; I’m surprised Chanel have never done this before.
Palette in Quiet Revolution
Usual line up of Les 4 Ombres eye palettes with harmonious tones in either demure taupe’s or smoky navy and royal blue.
The lip products are the showstoppers and include Le rouge Crayon in 6 shades. Mainly in the signature Lucia Pica colours, these glide onto the lip with no effort and stain for hours.

 Such an easy lip product to have kicking around. Two Rouge Allure Inks are also in the collection if you prefer a more liquid bold lip.
The textures and pigments are beautiful of course and the shades scream autumn. You may not want to apply just yet in the 30-degree heat of the British Summer but you’ll be glad of some of these bold tones once it cools back down.

Apotheosis is available from today 3rd August for a limited time.


Thursday, 2 August 2018

Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lipstick

Clarins have launched their new lipstick range, Joli Rouge Velvet and we are loving the new texture.
 20 shades of lightweight matte velvet pigment that wears well on the lips. The lipstick texture is completely undetectable.

It’s matte without drying and doesn’t cling to the skin whatsoever. The pigment is easy to build and it’s a particularly nice texture to buff the edges out for a diffused lip. In fact the velvet texture looks best when worn a little unkempt. If you’re after a more defined look then I think a lip liner is essential with this type of product.
 Hydration comes from Organic Marsh Samphire and Organic Apricot oil.
 Shade wise it’s mainly plum based pinks but there are a few bold reds thrown into the mix.

What I absolutely love about this texture is that it’s awesome to use as a cream blush, in fact I think I will use it more as this than a lipstick. The matte velvet gives a beautiful skin pinched effect to the cheeks that has no tacky feeling, great for a cream blush on an oily skin type.

 The lipsticks are available now for £22.00 here.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

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