Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Collection

If you’re struggling to keep your makeup on in the heat then check out the Bobbi Brown Primer Plus collection which is available now.

The line-up includes a Primer Plus Mattifier, Primer Plus Radiance SPF35, Primer Plus Protection SPF50 and a Primer Plus Hydrating 3-1 Setting spray.

Firstly let’s look at the Primer Plus Mattifier. Great for all skin types but targeted to an oilier skin. The texture is a silicone touch gel that feels cooling and lightweight on the skin. With regards to ingredients, it’s hard to find them listed anywhere. Sodium Hyaluronate is the only available ingredient listed which is the salt within Hyaluronic acid. This helps attract water (like Hyaluronic acid) but it also reduces water loss. Sometimes we forget that an oiler skin still needs hydration so this is great that although sebum levels are being balanced, moisture levels are still maintained.

There is no SPF in this primer, not sure why that is, maybe Bobbi Brown think oily skins don’t require SPF (obviously they do) or maybe it’s just creates a tricky formulation for a product that needs to be matte?

This primer works well at taking down shine and reducing it appearing throughout the day. Makeup sits really nicely on top and it doesn’t cause any patchy texture to your foundation.

We only have the Primer Plus Radiance SPF35 but there is an SPF50 if you prefer.

 A little goes a seriously long way so use sparingly. It has a soft pink tint but blends out with a slightly pearly blue finish. The scent is just like that of regular sunscreen.

 The radiance isn’t overwhelming, just a slight sheen and I found it absorbed quickly. Makeup sat well over the top with no obvious foundation movement.

 Ingredients in this are very soothing with anti-inflammatory properties.

The Primer Plus Setting Spray is glycerine based with added fruit extracts, chamomile. Cucumber and green tea. Calming and refreshing on a hot day but I wouldn’t say it particularly increases the setting powers of your base, I never think facial spritzes do, but maybe that’s just me.

If you have dry skin then this is good at spritzing over and rebuffing in a base that has gone slightly cakey.

The matte and radiance primer are £24 and the setting spray is £22. You can shop here.



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