Thursday, 21 June 2018

Sunday Riley Tidal Cream

 In the summer months it’s nice to test out moisturisers that don’t feel so thick, often they leave your skin tacky with a trail of patchy foundation by lunchtime.
We’ve been testing out Sunday Riley Tidal cream.
It’s a brightening enzyme cream, which drenches the skin in an undetectable layer of hydration.
This cream contains two types of Hyaluronic acid, which as we all know is a massive moisture magnet. From the age of 25 our natural reserves of HA start to diminish so we all need a good shot of Hyaluronic acid to keep our skin supported and hydrated.

  Also within is Tamarin Seed extract which is another form of Hyaluronic acid that also acts as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, particularly useful during the summer months when the skin may be particularly allergic.

There is an exfoliating ingredient in the form of papain enzymes, derived from Papaya. Enzymes help to break down the bonds, which attach the skin cells, therefore allowing them to shed more easily.

This cream is great at hydrating a parched skin and giving a fresh plumpness that a dry or compromised skin often lacks. It’s a gel-cream so although it’s intensely nourishing, it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. I absolutely love it for underneath makeup because it has an almost silicone texture that dries completely matte. It’s the best texture for immediate makeup application.

If your skin is particularly sensitive then the Papain may be a concern but if you are on the hunt for a lightweight but seriously hydrating cream then it’s a good one to check out.

Not cheap (obviously, it’s Sunday Riley) but you get a lot for your money. I don’t particular like the ‘open pot’ style jars for creams and think a small spatula within the box would be a good idea but just make sure your not dipping dirty fingers within and keep the lid tightly secured.

A 50g pot is £60 but you can also purchase a 15g pot here for £20 if you want to test it our before indulging.


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  1. I like this cream and is much effective,but its packaging is poor, consist of not much details about the product.Should be from Customboxeszone.


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