Thursday, 7 June 2018

Oh Sweetie Lip Colour by MAC

I enjoy anything sweet related so was instantly drawn to the latest Oh, Sweetie lip colour. I think I actually like the packaging more than the product!

This patisserie inspired collection has 15 shades of mousse textures lip colour. It applies via the standard doe-foot applicator and provides a solid cover of frosted/metallic finish.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of bold gloss but if it’s your thing then you will certainly love the finish of these.

 Each lip colour is scented to match the colour. Caramel, banana, gumdrops, cookies, coconut macaroon. They are sickly sweet and lip lickingly enticing but some may be put off by the strong fragrance.

All shades are slightly metallic but each seems to have a slightly different finish. Some have fine glitter, some have pearl reflects and some are more frosted.

These are pretty thick in texture and last really well. Super sticky and your hair will definitely get stuck in them but the shine is extreme and the colour intense so it’s worth it. These would be suitable for all but would look mega on a deeper skin tone.

We have 5 shades to share with you.

Oh Sweetie is available at Selfridges now and all Freestanding MAC stores from 15th June 2018. These are £15.50 each.


  1. Oh Sweeties thanks for the oh Sweetie review!!xx

  2. There are all such lovely shades, so summery!

    Danielle xx

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