Wednesday, 13 June 2018

EVY Technology Facial SPF

Finding a good sunscreen that works well under your normal makeup is a tricky one to find, often they feel greasy or tacky and separate your makeup.

 We have recently been testing out the latest in sun protection from EVY Technology.

 EVY is a Swedish brand that has been developed especially for hypersensitive skin. Their range features up to SPF 50 and caters for body, face and also children’s skin in the sun.
 The product I enjoy the most is the Daily UV Face Mousse. A mousse is quite an interesting texture to use on the face, but actually it’s very pleasant. Initially it feels as though you’re rubbing shaving foam onto your face but it quickly massages away to nothing with a fast drying, completely matte texture.

 Give it a minute to absorb and you can apply any of your normal makeup directly on top without a greasy base for it to slide about on.

EVY is developed for sensitive skin and safe for those with vitiligo or eczema to use with a low risk to irritation (I don’t believe we are ever 100% safe from a reaction).

It has an SPF30 with UVA and UVB protection and counteracts sunspots and premature aging.  It’s enriched with Vitamin C and E, which is great for existing pigmentation issues and skin softening and also Hyaluronic acid and collagen to help with water retention and supporting the skin's structure.

The texture is pleasant in that it encourages you to slap it on without even feeling like you need to wash your hands afterwards.

The 75ml bottle fits nicely into your handbag or luggage and is also a great addition for makeup artists on shoots in hotter climates or using on summer brides.

The Daily UV Face mouse is £20.95 and available here. You can also purchase the other products in the EVY Technology line up from this link also.


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  1. I need to get my hand on this! C vitamine and a foam - sold.


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