Friday, 29 June 2018


BrowGal was created by makeup artists Tonya Crooks who had a desire to teach everyone how easy it can be to create the perfect brow, using high quality tools.
 We have a couple of her hero products to share with you and wanted to feature them on the blog because we are so excited by the brow pencils particularly.
If you have longer unruly brow hairs then it's a good idea to give them a little trim up. BrowGal has a pair of stainless steel scissors coated in a matte black finish. These scissors are very sharp and are shaped to lie flat against the brow to trim away excess hairs. The brow scissors are £15.50
We are eternally searching for a pencil sharpener and are always asking brands to include pencil sharpeners with their pencils. BrowGal's brow pencils have a spoolie on one end whilst the lid of the pencil end has a built in sharpener so every time you use it, you can give it a quick sharpen.

The brow pencils are available in 6 shades from blonde through to black. The pencils have a harder lead which allows precision application that emulates real hair. It's a really nice brow pencil to work with and gently build colour and shape. It's also waterproof and sweat resistant. The brow pencils are £18.00 each.

You can check out the other products BrowGal has to offer here.

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