Sunday, 17 June 2018

Becca Be a light palette

Becca have just launched their complexion-enhancing palette, which comes in two shade options of light-medium and medium-deep.

 Each palette holds 4 shades. A brightening powder to boost radiance, a blush for a metallic finish, colour for the cheeks, a contour and a blur powder to even skin tones.
  Although the lighter option contains a pearl brightening powder, I still think this palette wouldn’t be suitable for a fair skin tone. The other 3 shades within this palette are still warm toned and would only really look natural on a medium toned skin.

In my opinion the contour shades are too orange to work well (if you like a natural contour), I would just use it on the high points of the face for a sun kissed tint that bounces the light.

 The medium to deep palette would work well on a medium to olive skin tone and would be good as a highlighting shade for a deeper skin tone.

I like the texture of the powders and the blurring shade in each palette provides a silky veil for the skin that really does even out minor uneven tones within the skin.
 I also prefer the blush on the eyes rather than the cheeks but it’s nice that it can double up on multiple features.

These palettes are £35.00 each and available here.



  1. oh my goodness the shades are beautiful xx

  2. This set looks really beautiful. I came across it at Sephora the other day and the texture was so smooth!

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