Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Vichy Dermablend Foundation

 Camouflage makeup has come such a long way since the days of chalky textures that crack under movement and cast a grey flat hue.

 I have been testing out Vichy Dermablend  Corrective Fluid to see how it compares to a normal full coverage foundation.

This foundation is a high coverage fluid that applies easily and blends out easily. It is aimed at those wishing to cover moderate skin conditions, including Rosacea, acne, Vitiligo, tattoos and scars. It’s also great for pigmentation, melasma and dark circles. It has an SPF35 making it a good protection for everyone, including those that have conditions that require a good sun protection (you still need to wear an SPF specific for sun protection underneath).

It has a very workable and buildable cover although a little really does go a long way. What I love is the fluidity of it. I remember when camouflage makeup would cling to every skin texture and dry before you’ve had chance to blend it. This one remains silky on the skin and once dry, it still feels flexible. Moving with the skin instead of masking it and rather than a flat finish, it has a natural fresh radiance. If you prefer a more matte finis then you can always dust a loose powder over the top.

The longevity is great. It didn’t crack or cake on my skin although on a more textured skin you may need to apply lightly in areas of extreme dryness to avoid clinginess.

 This won’t mask texture, nothing will, you need to address these concerns through your skincare. What it will do is tone down extreme high skin colouring and pigmentation irregularities. It’s really nice on dark circles; in fact I have been using it just around the eyes as a replacement for my normal under eye concealer.
 Shade range consists of 9 shades from porcelain through to Espresso. The two darkest shades also have a lower SPF of 25. Although deeper skin tones are not as susceptible to UVB rays they are greatly affected by pigmentation so just be aware that the SPF is lower at the deeper colour end of the range.

If there isn’t a colour to suit I would advise mixing with your regular foundation to achieve a suitable shade. It blends well with other foundation brands.

A 30ml tube is £20.00 and available here.



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