Thursday, 10 May 2018

Too Faced Natural Palettes

If you’re into the natural look but still desire a polished, defined and well pigmented product then you may just want to check out the latest in palette choice from Too Faced.

  There are two different eye palettes, one in matte and one in shimmer.

 Firstly, the palette packaging is lovely. Handbag sized, chunky and well made with a mirrored lid. They feature a delicate lace pattern and gold edging with heart clasp. I also love that the shimmer palette is in polished, reflective gold and the matte palette is brushed gold. Nice touch Too Faced.

Firstly the matte palette. It features 7 new shades and 2 classic ones.

 Nice range of base tones that would suit very fair through to medium skin tones. The 6 deeper tones are a mix of warm and cool neutrals. The pigment is excellent.

 Bold and smooth and also blends like a dream. Zero fall down and even though the shades are matte there is no patchy texture. There is a faint scent of sweet coconut as the powders are infused with coconut butter, but it’s not offensive.

The shimmer palette has very similar tones to the matte. The highlight comes from the golden super-fine shimmers.

 It warms the eye shadows up and provides a very pretty eye catching twinkle. There are a couple of matte tones in this palette too in case you need a highlight and a socket blending colour that isn’t too metallic.

 The final palette is a face palette, which holds a highlight, blush and bronzing veil.

Blush tones would suit all skin tones including deeper ones. The highlighters are very strong.

 Go easy with them, apply a little and build to avoid a robotic looking face!
 These palettes are available now here.



  1. Ohh, these look really pretty and pigmented! The swatches are stunning.

  2. I'd like to try the first matte palette, I should go check Sephora and see if they're there :D It looks quite nice! (Just a shame im not a fan of their founder :/ )

  3. Amazing palettes which can be used with this amazing brush: ! :) Worth it!

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