Sunday, 29 April 2018

Product's I can't live without



  1. Dear Nic,
    Keratosis pilaris is not ingrown hair and should not be scrubbed, it can actually make it worse. It is believed to be caused by hormones, mostly testosterone. Using a bodylotion with lactid acid, bha or glycolic acid will reduce the appearance. I live in Denmark and we have a productt called HTH (translated, it stands for Helps Dry Skin) It is a very inexpensive though effective bodylotion, but I don’t think you can find it in UK. Perhaps the Nib and Fab glycolic bodylotion could work, I know Paula’s Choice makes both a spray and a lotion which has worked very well for my teenage nephew.
    I wish you and yours a lovely spring and summer,

  2. Hi there:) Wich eyliner do you wear in the video,it it gorgeous!

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