Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Bio Glitter

You may be familiar with the fairly recent ban on plastic micro beads within cosmetic products, well it looks like glitter is the next product being kicked into touch.

 We recently were sent some samples of Bio-Glitter. It’s a cosmetic glitter, which is based on the plant material Cellulose and naturally degrades in the environment. It doesn’t begin its degradation until it enters soil or wastewater environments where it can naturally decompose.
 Bio Glitter is 92% plastic free with developments being made to ensure eventually it can be 100% plastic free. The standard plastic based glitter, which is a form of micro-plastic, has been linked to having a toxic impact on marine life so it’s important we look at alternatives.

Bio Glitter isn’t tested on animals, nor are any third parties used in the manufacturing.

Apart from the environmental benefits let’s take a look at how Bio Glitter performs for our cosmetic purposes.
Bio Glitter is cut into a hexagonal shape rather than a square cut so that it lays down evenly with a softer angle. The shards of glitter are available in varying sizes ranging from 100 microns to 2.4mm. The size of the glitter ultimately defines its purpose. For the smaller shards these may be used in colour cosmetics whilst the larger pieces can be used for body/nail art.
 They are available in 15 different shades and although they look very attractive to the naked eye, they don’t photograph as well as a glitter such as MAC reflex (but you have to remember that MAC is certainly not eco friendly!).

We have three of the Bio Glitters to share with you however I can’t be sure of the packaging these are retailed in. We received them in small bags but I’m sure they would come in a slightly more usable, practical container.

The Turquoise is 2.4mm, the silver is 1mm and the gold is 2.4mm

I think this glitter is great for body art, use in the hair or bold makeup looks. If you are after a delicate shimmering sparkle then it’s not the best option from a photographic point of view.

If you are interested in Bio Glitter you can find out more information on their site here and purchase here.


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  1. It looks absolutely fabulous! There are definitely a ton of great ways to put that to use.


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