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Sensai Glowing base and Highlighting Concealers

Two new radiance boosting products from Sensai have landed in the office this week. Just what we need on a gloomy April day.

Firstly lets take a look at the Glowing Base. In super chic and weighty packaging it is available in 30ml with an SPF10.
It’s water based and blends out in a milky lotion to envelop the skin in a candle lit golden glow.

 It doesn’t contain sparkle as such but just very fine micro pigments of copper and golden radiance.
 Suitable for use all over the face as a base or nice to mix in with your current foundation on days when your skin needs a little boost. Alternatively you can buff over the high points of the face or eyelids as a compliment to a more natural matte base.
 Feels undetectable and would work well on all lighter skin types and would be a beautiful highlight for deeper skin tones.
 Sensai Glowing Base is £39.00 and available here.

Another product we have been trialling from Sensai is their Highlighting Concealer. It’s a twist up and brush on concealer in 3.5ml. Soft application brush with a nice amount of width to allow application and blending.
 This concealer is ideal for those who suffer with blue/purple undertones under the eye or those lacking sleep. It’s brightening without a panda eye look and doesn’t cling to any under eye dryness. It contains silk powders to give a satin texture on the skin and could also be used on pigmentation or areas that need a brightening lift.
 Coverage wise, it’s not the best. It won’t conceal dark circles or age spots but will lift the brightness level up by reflecting the light. If you were in need of coverage then I would team it up with a fuller creamy concealer.

Available in four shades, which don’t cater for anyone darker than a light/medium skin tone unfortunately.

Sensai Highlighting Concealer is £32.00 and available here.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Oribe Cote d'Azur Hand Cream

Hello Hand cream of dreams from Oribe!

I know hand creams probably don’t make for the most aesthetically interesting blog post but if you want an indulgent treat or are unsure what to get a cosmetic junkie for a luxury treat then this is a winner.

 First of all the packaging is so exquisite. The 100ml rich crème is held within the weight capped tube, pretty standard you may think. But within the box is a golden winding key, which loops over the end of your tube to gently roll down and squeeze out the product. It’s so decadent.

 The crème itself is thick and buttery and contains a cocktail of sweet Almond, Shea Butter, Aloe leaf juice, Meadowfoam and starflower oils in a Glycerin and Panthenol base. It’s hydrating, rejuvenating, improves elasticity, nourishes and moisture restoring.

 The scent is Oribe’s signature fragrance, Cote d’Azure and smells like a combination of the best hairdressers you’ve ever been to, luxury sun cream or a beautiful spa. It’s gorgeous.

As you wind your golden key down the tube it feels like the most luxuriant treat.

This is retailing on Net a Porter and salons nationwide from May 1st for £22.00 for the travel size(30ml) and £49 for the full 100ml size.


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Bio Glitter

You may be familiar with the fairly recent ban on plastic micro beads within cosmetic products, well it looks like glitter is the next product being kicked into touch.

 We recently were sent some samples of Bio-Glitter. It’s a cosmetic glitter, which is based on the plant material Cellulose and naturally degrades in the environment. It doesn’t begin its degradation until it enters soil or wastewater environments where it can naturally decompose.
 Bio Glitter is 92% plastic free with developments being made to ensure eventually it can be 100% plastic free. The standard plastic based glitter, which is a form of micro-plastic, has been linked to having a toxic impact on marine life so it’s important we look at alternatives.

Bio Glitter isn’t tested on animals, nor are any third parties used in the manufacturing.

Apart from the environmental benefits let’s take a look at how Bio Glitter performs for our cosmetic purposes.
Bio Glitter is cut into a hexagonal shape rather than a square cut so that it lays down evenly with a softer angle. The shards of glitter are available in varying sizes ranging from 100 microns to 2.4mm. The size of the glitter ultimately defines its purpose. For the smaller shards these may be used in colour cosmetics whilst the larger pieces can be used for body/nail art.
 They are available in 15 different shades and although they look very attractive to the naked eye, they don’t photograph as well as a glitter such as MAC reflex (but you have to remember that MAC is certainly not eco friendly!).

We have three of the Bio Glitters to share with you however I can’t be sure of the packaging these are retailed in. We received them in small bags but I’m sure they would come in a slightly more usable, practical container.

The Turquoise is 2.4mm, the silver is 1mm and the gold is 2.4mm

I think this glitter is great for body art, use in the hair or bold makeup looks. If you are after a delicate shimmering sparkle then it’s not the best option from a photographic point of view.

If you are interested in Bio Glitter you can find out more information on their site here and purchase here.


Thursday, 19 April 2018

Diorshow on Stage Liner

 The weather in the UK today is beautiful.
  Everyone is out in their finest summer gear and there are lashings of bright glossy lips and creamy highlights shimmering in the sun. There’s nothing better than a sunny day in the UK.

 Jumping in on the summer brights is Dior with the launch of their Diorshow on stage liners.
 These are available in 15 shades in a long wear formula. They apply through a flexible tip, which bends and curves around the eye with ease and disperses just the right amount of fluid without becoming messy. We have four of the shades to share with you.
What I love is the pigment, it’s so bold and true to how the packaging portrays.
The colour is intense from the first touch and with the exception of the white, which needed a little layering; they all instantly produce a strong colour pigment.
 These are available later this month so stay tuned!


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Suqqu Summer 2018

Left: Shakuyousa Right: Natsukasumi
Suqqu always create the most beautiful palettes, dipping your brush into the velvet powder almost feels like you are defacing a work of art.

For this Summer (summer really is coming, I promise), they have launched two eye shadow palettes, a blush palette and two summery lipsticks.

Inspired by the Japanese landscape in the summer months, these palettes have four shades with one of those shades being a graduated tone.
 Each palette has a graduated shade, two deeper tones and a lighter highlight. One is warm toned and one cooler depending on which suits you best.

 The top right shades translate very naturally in the skin so will require a bit of work to build up. The darkest shade on the other hand is extremely pigmented so you need to adjust your brush choice between shades to get the desired pay-off. Go for firm shorthaired brush for the lighter shades and a looser, longer brush for the deeper shades.

 The colours within represent the burnt sand and the refection on the sea of the purple tones in the misty sky.

 The blusher is inspired from the summer cherry Blossoms. Doesn’t this make you want to hop on a plane to Japan right now!

 The blusher is very pigmented, think geisha style, and has a frosted silver pigment shot through it.
The two lipsticks are deeply hydrating; again with a strong colour payoff and the sherbet tones give a sweet summery pop of colour.

Left:111 Right:110
 I don’t have a launch date for the collection but keep an eye out here for it over the next few weeks.


Friday, 6 April 2018

Jeremy Scott x MAC

We have had this in the office for a few weeks now but if you follow us on Instagram/Twitter you will know we have had office moves, house moves all in horrific snow conditions. This wonderful collaboration between MAC and Jeremy Scott has been on my desk, moved in a box and is now back on my desk. Anyway I’m now finally getting around to reviewing it.

 The collection is still currently available although the eye shadow kit is currently unavailable online. We haven’t really felt too inspired by a lot of the recent MAC launches, however this one is right up our street.

Jeremy Scott is an American Fashion designer and currently the creative director at Moschino. His style is pretty out there, using vibrant colours and clashing prints.

The collection is within possibly the coolest packaging. It’s a nod to the 80’s and is housed within a boom box and CD Mix tape. Even the eye shadows are set out as a volume bar.

The eye shadow palette within the boombox contains 29 shades in a vibrant kaleidoscope of matte, satin, lustre and veluxe pearl finish. As far as I can see, every shade is a new one with no re-promotes.

Standard excellent pigment payoff and finish we all know and love from MAC which will allow you to create multiple looks for days when you feel like going all out or even when you just want an accent colour at the lash line for a bit of fun.

This palette is £75.00

The cheek palette is presented on a mix tape and holds a blush, bronze and highlight.

The cheek palete is £35.00.

Check out the collection and also the brushes which are grouped with the collection here.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Trish McEvoy Dry sheet mask
Sheet masks are always a nice way to use a mask with little fuss or effort but sometimes the wet and cold slimy product from these, dripping down your neck can be a little off putting. Sam in particular hates using sheet masks because she can’t bear the wet texture over her throat.

This week we have been testing out the dry sheet mask from Trish McEvoy. It’s a total revelation!
 I wasn’t sure how effective it would be, seeing as it just feels like a soft paper towel laid over your face. We are so used to being able to feel the texture of the ingredients that it seemed slightly odd to apply something completely dry with no detectable product.

The mask is quite large but it has loops at the edges so that you can loop it over your ears, making the mask sit tightly onto the face.

The mask feels very soft to the touch and is activated by the heat from your skin.
 Initially you need to apply it and then massage the face gently over the top. After a few minutes you can feel comforting warmth coming from the mask. Like having a heat pad over your face. There is no sting, no tingling just a little heat, which, is purely from the mask rather than your actual skin.

The ingredients within are in their most concentrated dry form and contain Hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants.

How does it feel?

The first time in a long time I can honestly say the results were actually visible instantly. The heat had given my skin the kind of glow you get after 20 minutes in a steam room. This meant that my skin was flushed, plumped and softened.
 My pores were refined and my skin appeared simply awakened.

The great thing about this mask also is that you can get three uses out of it when you use it on clean skin. You just fold it up and pop it back in the re-sealable packet. You can also lay it over a made up face, as it won’t disturb your makeup.
 I haven’t used it in this way yet but I imagine it would be awesome over the top of your bridal makeup 30 minutes before you leave the house and head up the aisle (don’t forget to take it off!). Also nice to use before a big night out whilst you are waiting for your taxi. If you use it over makeup, you can only use it once though.

The Trish McEvoy Dry sheet mask is £22.00 and available here.

Monday, 2 April 2018

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