Friday, 30 March 2018

Nostalgic products

We have been discussing in the office all of our nostalgic products of the late 90’s, early 2000’s. I’m sure you can relate to our list!

Bronzing balls

Little drops of carpet spoiling dynamite. One pearl can ruin any fabric within 5 feet and no amount of scrubbing to avoid a week of grounding from your parents could remove this dusty destroyer.

Sun In

One spritz just never seemed enough did it? A second spritz should just about lighten it enough but before you know it you’ve attempted subtle highlights and covered your whole head and have to wait 6 months for your hair to return from a brittle straw textured mop.

Dewberry or White Musk Fragrance from The Body Shop
Sickly sweet and quite unforgettable. I believe Dewberry has been discontinued for quite a few years but one sniff of this will transport you back to your school disco. It even came in a greasy oil if you wanted to attract the bees also.

St Ives Scrub

Like rubbing a pumice stone over your face that removes the top layers of your face. Why were we so keen to scrub our beautiful, fresh plump skin away?

Shockwaves Mousse

Scrunch in the mousse and always dry with a massive diffuser. Hair will be left crispy and defined and if you’ve been using the Sun In then volume is guaranteed.

CK One

Actually a really lovey fresh fragrance that I still get wafts of walking down the street. I felt like Kate moss in the 90’s as I slung this in my school bag.

Rimmel Heather Shimmer/ Avon Ginger Freeze

Two must have lipsticks of the 90’s. I don’t know if it actually suited anyone but it was the trend so we had to have it!

Barry M Dazzle Dust
Similar effect to the Bronzing balls all over the carpet. Also did anyone ever finish a pot?

What were your favourite products from your youth? I’m sure there are loads we have forgotten about.


  1. cK one was my fragrance .... I had those shitty bronzing balls too & Dewberry. Oh the 90s ....

  2. I use to love Heather Shimmer!!


  3. I don't even want to remember how I used to look when I went in with the bronzing balls!

    Danielle xx

  4. Hair mascara! My millennial hairdresser is still totally bewildered that it used to be trendy to put blue and purple streaks in your hair with hair mascara.

    Also, the lighter and kohl pencil mishaps. Nothing was as badass as accidentally melting your eyeliner pencil in the quest for a Courtney Love glare.

  5. AAAAAAH so nostalgic, I remember those balls too! For me it was Virgin Vie makeup, I had one of their lipsticks and LOVED it.

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. Amazing, will definitely be on my summer list, especially the bronzing balls which will be applied with these free brushes i got and you can get them too

  7. Ultraglow was the big thing and the adverts said you could use it as eye and lip make up too. Never tried that but it did make a mess on your sheets if you used it as a body bronzer

  8. I work in The Body Shop and people still ask for Dewberry even though it was discontinued in 1999! White Musk is still a best seller though - and people who don't still wear it come in, sniff it, and are transported back to school/uni/their wedding, etc. I'm not even a fan of it but I love how it makes people reminisce! Also, god, Sun In. WHY?!


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