Thursday, 29 March 2018

Lara Quin Luxury candles

We are always on the look out for new candles and home fragrance and when a brand has a sweet back-story it encourages you to love it even more.
 Lara Quin is a luxury candle, room fragrance and reed diffuser brand which was created after the founder Jess, was touched by an act of kindness by a complete stranger.

 Whilst upset at a train station after some terrible news a lady approached her, gave a huge hug, a cup of hot chocolate and told her tomorrow would look a little brighter. The ladies name was Lara Quin and from that moment was the inspiration behind the collection.

Each candle is presented in a white frosted weighty glass holder and rose gold accents. The candles are all soy wax with cotton wicks and are blended with eco-friendly bases of essential oils and essence of gemstones.

The fragrance from these candles is phenomenal. As soon as you walk into the room you can detect the scent, even when it hasn’t been burning.
 Fragrance options include Smoky Quartz and Coco fig, Rose Quartz and Jasmine Orchid, Smoky Quartz and Himalayan Cedar  (my favourite) and Sonora Sunrise which, literally smells like you just stepped into a five star spa.
 Lara Quin also has a set of miniatures and reed diffusers, which are all packaged in a beautiful, dove grey box with satin ribbon.

Definitely a brand to watch out for and a little reminder of the kindness in the world, which quite often is easy to forget.

These are available from and are priced at £30 each for the large candles and £34.00 each for the reed diffusers.


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