Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Clarins 4-Colour Pen

When I was at school, a thousand years ago, these pens were the epitome of cool.
 Being able to switch from a black pen to a red pen with the flick of a switch meant I could cram twice as many rubbers and pieces of paper with potential test question answers on them into my pencil case.

I think it’s genius that Clarins have used this method to present a variety of eye liners and lip liner. It’s neat, space saving, encourages us to stray away from our routine colours and is actually functional with a quality product.

 The 4- Colour Pen is available in two choices; Clarins call them Harmony 1 & 2.
Harmony 1 includes a jet-black, navy and forest green pencil style liner with nude pink/brown lip liner.
 Harmony 2 includes Jet black, Gunmetal grey and rich chocolate brown with flame red lip liner.

 Often products that are in danger of being a bit gimmicky always fail or never really work how you expect. The functionality of these however is brilliant. Each individual shade pops down with an easy flick of the button and the centre of the product twists round to allow the pencil to slowly twist down to the desired amount.

Once you have selected your shade, do make sure you twist out the colour and don’t attempt to draw on the eye beforehand; otherwise you will literally scratch our eyelid off with the plastic nib.

When the product arrives from the nib it’s completely flat so you need to twist a little extra out so you may use the sides to apply to the skin. It moulds to a point quickly so you can use precisely.

Texture wise it is waxy, well pigmented and blends nicely. The formula is not that creamy but this does mean longevity is good.

I like the colour options. Nothing too outlandish but something for everyone. This is a winner for travelling with or for slinging in your handbag.

Each pen is £28, which, I thought was reasonable considering you are getting 3 eyeliners and a lip liner.

Available 15th April from http://www.clarins.co.uk/



  1. I remember those cool pens too, wonderful idea!

  2. Oh and please do some more looks for older women, I'm 68 and sold all of the top lines! So I really love your looks and my motto is have fun and don't play be the rules!xx

  3. This is such a good price for what you get, I expected the price to be much higher!

    Danielle xx


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