Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Hourglass Arch Brow Collection

If you follow us on Instagram then you’ll know we both have had our brows Microbladed (watch below for details of that).


 Hourglass now have two superb brow products to ensure your arch is perfected and the natural hairs are full and textured.

The sculpting pencils are a 4-in-1 powder, pencil and wax formula that applies in a firm texture and lays down pigment softly, allowing you to build and shape to your desired look.

 The angle of the tip creates a precise application and can be used to mimic natural hair strokes.

The shade line up is excellent and caters for platinum blonde through to auburn and onto black.

The volumising fibre gel is a buildable tinted brow gel that contains fine fibres to build brow density whilst naturally coating hairs with colour.
 I love the brush. It’s firm, bristly and separates all of your natural hairs to give shape whilst very naturally coating with colour.

 Available in 6 versatile shades and also a clear if you just prefer the texture without the colour.

 The Brow Sculpting Pencils are £29.00 and the Volumising Fibre Gel is £22.00
You can purchase them here.




  1. I love this brow product - it was one of my first high end brow product purchases - i need to revisit. x

  2. I adore the Hourglass Arch brow Pencil, I am going to have to try the gel!

    Danielle xx

  3. I like this style! Thank you for the tutorial! Gonna try it.

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