Monday, 26 February 2018

You x Max Factor

You x Max Factor is a brand new campaign that the iconic brand is launching fresh for 2018.

 Back in 2017 Max Factor surveyed 26’000 women between the ages of 25-55 in an attempt to understand exactly how they are inspired by the beauty industry.

 Their research discovered that there are a huge proportion of women who do not feel that they can relate to the advertising and imagery used in cosmetic campaigns and feel that real women are not represented.

 We loved the idea of this campaign. For too long women have been force fed images of perfection. We are led to believe that the majority of women are juggling family, career and friendships all whilst maintaining a perfect home and immaculately applied eye liner. In all honest we are all just spinning plates, trying to keep everything together fuelled by copious amounts of caffeine.

 A new wave of thinking within the beauty industry is realising that women are actually empowered by other women they see every day rather than the filtered images of prefect models.

The conducted survey questioned women globally so that a broad spectrum of lifestyle and life experiences could be taken into account.

 Max Factor found that globally, 81% of women look to other women within their circle of friends and family for inspiration rather than models or celebrities.

 88% felt that beauty is a mix of appearance, personality and natural charisma rather than the standard aesthetic of how someone looks.

 80% women felt that current advertising within the beauty industry does not represent a woman’s true character.

 On the flip side, 10% do think they are represented and 17% felt that the advertising they regularly view is aspirational.

Many of the women who took part in the survey had great life experience. Some had families, some were single, some had travelled and some had huge career success. It acknowledged women from all backgrounds but in a world where beauty blogging is rife and information on products and how to wear them is easily accessible, 67% of women are still not seeing makeup looks that they can connect with or feel would work for them personally.

 These women actually do feel confidant in knowing who they are and are not interested in transforming themselves or emulating someone else’s style, they simply just want to look like the best version of themselves.

With all of this information collated, Max Factor wanted to create a campaign that would use these statistics and create ‘beauty with depth”. To ensure that everything from the branding, advertising and the products themselves present a cohesive, inspirational beauty that all women can relate to.

 There is something very beautiful in perfectly imperfect makeup and the unique style that the every day normal woman has and were so happy that this is being highlighted finally.

We are all for supporting women and encouraging women to be themselves whilst still feeling that they are relevant and important within the beauty industry. Only 4% of women in the UK feel that current beauty advertising is aspirational. That means there’s a huge proportion of women on their way to work, checking out the beauty articles in their magazine or watching the adverts from the comfort of their settee feeling left out or overlooked. We think this change in how the beauty industry is marketed is positive and are happy to support this change.

If you are interested to read more about the You x Max Factor campaign then head over to their site at

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Friday, 23 February 2018

YSL Beauté All in one glow Foundation

We have been testing out the latest foundation offerings from YSL Beauté.

 Touché éclat All in one glow is a hydrating foundation made up of 50% water.
 It applies as a cream but after blending, it sheers down to a water-like texture.
 It’s easy to spread and blend and the moisture rich formula means it doesn’t cling to dryness or sit in lines.

 The coverage is medium and because it has a pump style application it tends to dispense slightly more than you require, making it harder to apply if a very sheer cover is preferred.

It doesn’t contain any shimmer but it does produce a satin finish however, I found that after a few hours wear this sheen dulled down and looked a little flatter. If your skin is naturally combination or oily then the finish may work better. If you have dehydrated or dull skin then I think a radiant primer underneath will be required to maintain the glow. On my skin, which is combination and dehydrated, this foundation looked a little chalky over my oiler areas.

This foundation melts into the skin easily but it does leave a slight film texture on the skin that an oily skin may find uncomfortable.

 It lasted well on the skin, and doesn’t require too much re touching or up keep. Good at evening out skin tone, covers blemishes nicely without masking.

Shade: BR30

Colour selection includes 12 shades. We have only seen one shade so I can’t advise on the selection with confidence but there is a selection from porcelain through to ebony, which, seems to be around an equivalent to NC45 in MAC terms, if that helps at all.
 This foundation is £33.50 and available here.


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Hourglass Arch Brow Collection

If you follow us on Instagram then you’ll know we both have had our brows Microbladed (watch below for details of that).


 Hourglass now have two superb brow products to ensure your arch is perfected and the natural hairs are full and textured.

The sculpting pencils are a 4-in-1 powder, pencil and wax formula that applies in a firm texture and lays down pigment softly, allowing you to build and shape to your desired look.

 The angle of the tip creates a precise application and can be used to mimic natural hair strokes.

The shade line up is excellent and caters for platinum blonde through to auburn and onto black.

The volumising fibre gel is a buildable tinted brow gel that contains fine fibres to build brow density whilst naturally coating hairs with colour.
 I love the brush. It’s firm, bristly and separates all of your natural hairs to give shape whilst very naturally coating with colour.

 Available in 6 versatile shades and also a clear if you just prefer the texture without the colour.

 The Brow Sculpting Pencils are £29.00 and the Volumising Fibre Gel is £22.00
You can purchase them here.



Monday, 19 February 2018

Friday, 16 February 2018

Buxom Plumpline Lip Liners

Lip liners are one of those products that aren’t really a necessity however when you use one you feel just slightly more polished.
 It’s not a product we tent to use a lot of and when we do, we tend to blur the edges out with a brush anyway!

We have been testing out the new Plumpline Lip Liners from Buxom to see if it’s a product we need to revisit.

Buxom claim the jumbo pencils have plumping ingredients but to be honest we didn’t really notice any plumping results or the typical tingling sensation you would expect.

 These pencils are available in a good array of 20 shades and the texture is lovely. Creamy, hydrating and smooth to apply with a killer pigment. Almost too nice to restrict to the lip edges.
 The formula has a satin finish and because of the creamy texture I guess it appears to have a plumping effect by the very nature that it reflects the light slightly.

The pencils work well all over the lip on their own or when used under regular lipsticks as a base. Colour pigment is intense and they wear off the lips nicely without any patchiness. Also nice on dryer lips as the formula blends into the lips comfortably.

Buxom Plumpline liners are £15.00 each and available here.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Friday, 2 February 2018

Perricone MD No Makeup Foundation

No Makeup foundation is not a new one to the market but it recently landed on our desk so we have been testing it out.
 Perricone MD is a brand that combines skincare with cosmetics and aims to incorporate active ingredients within its range that will not only look aesthetically good but also benefit the skin from within.

 No Makeup foundation is a very sheer but buildable to a natural medium cover.
 It feels quite thick on initial application but quickly blends away to a water-like texture that melts into the skin.
 It’s easy to blend and is easy to work and move around to cover the necessary areas.
 The finish is fresh and hydrating with a healthy radiance. No shimmer or glitter particles are visible.
 It is very natural but does blur down redness and even out skin tone. If you have blemishes or under eye darkness then you will need a separate concealer.
 Once set it does have a slightly tacky feel, even after an hour’s wear I could still touch it and feel the dewy texture.
 Would be nice on a dry to normal skin type but those with a combination or oily skin will definitely require a separate powder, I think you will find the texture uncomfortable otherwise.
  It has a mineral based Broad spectrum SPF30 but doesn’t appear to flashback on camera.

First apllied
Blended out

 Shade range is poor. 5 shades from fair to tan. If you are very pale then you may be in luck with the very lightest shade however if you are anything deeper than a MAC NC44 (Yellow based deep olive) then unfortunately you aren’t catered for annoyingly.

The other negative is the pump. It’s quite stiff so one pump dispenses a lot of product and shoots it out fast with little control. One pump should be enough but maybe squirt it directly onto your brush so you are not wasting the pricey fluid.

Overall it’s a super lovely foundation for spring/Summer if you want barely there but fresh skin and enjoy a hydrating texture. Beautiful for fair to medium skin tones that are dry, no good for anyone darker than a deep medium with an oiler skin.

Available here for £45.00.

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