Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Ordinary Glycolic Toner 7%


It seems everybody is talking about The Ordinary at the moment so it’s about time we popped a post up about them.
 Acid toners have always been a staple product in my skincare regime and normally I purchase Biologique Resercher P50V toner for an eye watering £56.00. I still love P50V but unfortunately Biologique Resercher make it so damned hard to get hold of that I have begun to test out alternatives.

The Ordinary Glycolic acid 7% toning solution at  £6.80 for a whopping 240ml is the first I have tried from the range.
 It comes in a plastic bottle with a screw lid that can be replaced by a squirty style (I’m sure there is a more professional term) nozzle. It took me a few moments to realise you just twist the nozzle to get the fluid out. I almost cut the tip off with a pair of scissors because I couldn’t figure it out, idiot!

The fluid is slightly yellow/blush and smells like cucumber (in my opinion), although it’s not actually scented. Quite often products with active ingredients smell hideous but this is not offensive at all.

What’s in it?

Water based with Glycolic acid being it’s next biggest ingredient. The Glycolic acid within this is at 7% and slightly higher than that within Pixi Glow Tonic at 5%. Glycolic acid is an AHA and a great anti aging ingredient. It works by penetrating deeply into the skin and dislodging the dead skin cells, leaving renewed fresh and softened skin. It’s thought that for Glycolic acid to effectively work it’s best for it to be at a pH range between 3-4. This toner sits at a pH of 3.6.
 Sadly no Salicylic acid within to help with congestion and blemishes but the Ordinary do also do a 2% Salicylic and witch hazel serum for £4.20 so if you battle with blemish prone skin you may be interested in that also. Maybe skip your morning Starbucks for 2 days and you can afford that one as well!
 Other ingredients include Aloe and Ginseng root to soothe and promote radiance along with Tasmanian Pepperberry to counteract the often-irritating acid within.

If you are feeling like your skin needs a kick-start and looks dull and dehydrated then this is a great product. It instantly renews after one use, skin feels softened and noticeably radiant. Because it helps to lift off those pesky dead skin cells which are reducing the effectiveness of your other products it makes for a great product to use before your serums or moisturizer to help them work harder for you.
 If your skin is particularly dry then maybe use this on alternative days with your normal toner. If your skin is combination or oily you may get away with using a little more frequently. If you live in a hotter climate, are using in the summer months or are outside a lot then also be aware that this product can increase the skins sensitivity to UVA/UVB.

 Such a great product and I’m excited to test out more from the range.

 You can get hold of the Glycolic Acid toner here.


  1. I'm looking forward to trying this (must admit, I was first mostly intrigued by it's bulbous packaging!). Just waiting for it to come back to stock :(

  2. My dermatologist told me not just to look at percentage (%) but also the pH of an acid product, when judging 'strength'.

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