Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Niod Photography Fluid Opacity 12%

January in the UK is one of the worst months. I feel like it’s been grey for weeks and I’m constantly on the look out for the spring bulbs poking their heads through the soil to reassure me we are heading for spring.

 If you feel like your skin needs a pick-me-up too or you are on the hunt for your products for upcoming events or your wedding then you may be interested in today's review.

 Niod, which comes from the fab brand Deciem, have an interesting product called Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%.

 What is it?

It’s a light textured fluid that is infused with various light reflecting prisms.

 You can wear it alone on moisturised skin, use it as a primer underneath your regular foundation or even mix a few drops with your foundation to give it a more radiant finish.

It contains light reflecting prisms that bounce light off of the skin in lots of directions to blur out skin pigmentation and redness but also to give a radiance to the skin that doesn’t look artificial.

 Initially it applies very white to the skin so you may be scared it will leave you with a washed out pearly face but it quickly spreads out and blends in. The undertones are softly golden so on a fair to medium skin it will reflect a warm sheen. On a deeper skin tone it will look a brighter, slightly more yellow highlight.

It’s hydrating without feeling tacky and would work on all skin types. It actually dries pretty fast so you need to work relatively quick. I found it applied easier when buffed into the skin straight after moisturiser. If your skin is particularly oily then avoid too much down the central area of the face however it’s a nice way to add a matte textured highlight to a combination/oily skin comfortably.

I preferred how it looked on my skin 20 minutes after application rather than immediately. I think it just needs a little time to warm into the skin. Give it time to work in before continuing with your base makeup.

Considering the high level of Titanium Dioxide and Mica there was no flashback for me, it photographs well.

What I didn’t like

The bottle. Normally I enjoy using the pipette style bottles as the dropper allows you to apply minimal product and also allows you to dropper the liquid directly onto the brush. For some reason this fluid leaks badly from the bottle. I clean the rim after each use but it still seeps from inside and often drips down the side.

 I have spoken to a few others who have also found this. Because of this I would say it’s a dressing table item, not a transportable kit item.

If you have particularly large pores then spritz a skin mist over the face to aid blending and sheer out the coverage. Using too much over open pores and not blending well means it does linger slightly in this area.

Also this is not a slap on and dash product. Hastily apply this and it can easily streak or appear patchy. Lovingly blend it with a firmly packed buffing brush, aided with a sneaky spritz of something like Emma Hardie Plump and Glow or MAC Fix+ and you’ll be fine.

You can shop Niod Photography Fluid here for £20.00



  1. Lovely post! I'm normally quite nervous to try liquid highlighting products, but I may give this one a try!

    XO Zoe |

  2. This looks really interesting, it's a shame that the bottle leaks as I'm always on the go! x

    Maria |


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