Friday, 12 January 2018

MAC Fix+

We always carry a Fix+ from MAC around in our personal makeup bag. It’s a great product to aid blending, sheer out a foundation, revive an over powdered skin or simply add a little shot of hydration.
 The standard Fix + has been around for ages but there are three new blends added to range that are also becoming part of the permanent line up.

January is always the month that MAC focuses on the ‘fresh start’ for makeup and skin and stripping your routine back to the basics, which will nurture and give radiance during this dull month.

What’s in Fix+?

Water, Glycerin, which is a moisture magnet and Cucumber and Chamomile, extract to soothe.
 The new launches include a Fix+ infused with Lavender, Coconut and Rose.
 I would select the spritz, which contains the scent you personally prefer. The lavender is obviously a very calming scent, Rose is uplifting and Coconut is always a winner to evoke feelings of long summer days…something we’re desperate for at the moment.

You can get each of these online or in store now for £18.00.


  1. I used to use Fix + all of the time and I have just fallen back in love with it. I now remember why I used to use it constantly!

    Danielle xx

  2. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! geometry dash


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