Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Hourglass Vanish Highlighting Stick

The most frequently occurring question we get asked on our Instagram posts is “what highlighter are you wearing?”. Seems most people love radiance to the skin.

 We have been testing out the latest highlighting sticks from Hourglass, which provide an intense flash of light to the skin.

 This highlighter is by no means a subtle one. It’s literally like a strobe on the skin.

 You could make it work for daytime by buffing it well but it comes to life in the evening light or under flashlight.

 The triangular shaped stick allows good coverage and precise application. Use it on the flat of the stick to apply to the cheekbones or use the pointed angle of the stick to apply under the eyebrow or corners of the eye.

The texture is very lightweight but doesn’t feel particularly hydrating, almost dry to the touch, be cautious using over dry, textured skin or fine lines, it’s pretty unforgiving.

The colour selection is nice, suitable for all skin tones in a range or golden, bronze and pink shades.
 The highlight does have a slight shimmer rather than a natural highlight. It’s not an everyday kind of product but one for those who like their highlight strong!
 You can shop these here and they are £38.00 each



  1. These look so lovely, I really want to get my hands on them soon!

    Danielle xx

  2. Champagne flash looks right up my street! Love the swatches.

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