Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Burt's Bees Satin Lipsticks

We have never tried Burt’s Bees Lip products before, other than the clear balms, but recently every lipstick I seem to like on an image in a magazine is Burt’s Bees!

 We have the Satin lipstick collection from the range and I have to say, the pigment pay off and the texture is one of the nicest I have used for a while.

 The tones all seem to be on the pinker side of the spectrum but the colours remain true on the lips after a few hours wear. 
 The shades come up slightly ligter than what you imagine but they seem to miraculously blend and work with your natural lip colour so well.

The packaging doesn’t have an expensive or particularly luxurious feel but the proof is in the product and as the actual lipstick performs so well, I can overlook this.

 Good selection of shades from nudes, through to pink, plum and red. Not much in the way of orange,coral or brown.

 The finish is satin but doesn't feel glossy or greasy. You will need to top up every few hours but the colour fades rather than cling in patches.

Burt's Bees ingredients are sourced responsiby, 100% natural and are not tested on animals.
 These are normally £9.99 but are currently £6.99 at Superdrug.


Monday, 15 January 2018

Friday, 12 January 2018

MAC Fix+

We always carry a Fix+ from MAC around in our personal makeup bag. It’s a great product to aid blending, sheer out a foundation, revive an over powdered skin or simply add a little shot of hydration.
 The standard Fix + has been around for ages but there are three new blends added to range that are also becoming part of the permanent line up.

January is always the month that MAC focuses on the ‘fresh start’ for makeup and skin and stripping your routine back to the basics, which will nurture and give radiance during this dull month.

What’s in Fix+?

Water, Glycerin, which is a moisture magnet and Cucumber and Chamomile, extract to soothe.
 The new launches include a Fix+ infused with Lavender, Coconut and Rose.
 I would select the spritz, which contains the scent you personally prefer. The lavender is obviously a very calming scent, Rose is uplifting and Coconut is always a winner to evoke feelings of long summer days…something we’re desperate for at the moment.

You can get each of these online or in store now for £18.00.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

NARS Natural radiant longwear foundation

The latest foundation from NARS landed on my desk just before Christmas so you may already be clued up on it.

 NARS say it’s a 16-hour fade-resistant foundation with full-powered radiance. They boast that it improves skin condition hour by hour due to its list of ingredients and that it offers a weightless texture but with a full cover.

What do we think?

Available in a 30ml squared glass bottle with oddly pleasing rubber lid. Love the feel of the lid but it looks instantly grubby with foundation fingerprints after a few uses!

 A little goes a crazily long way so apply lightly and build. One squirt will give you a very full cover but it’s easy to adapt to a sheer cover by using a loose fibred buffing brush. Those who like it full then select a sponge or tightly packed, firm bristled brush as your weapon of choice.

It’s creamy rather than liquidy and the thickness of the fluid means you have to work it into the skin rather than hastily sweeping it over the skin. Work fast with this one because it dries quickly, there isn’t a lot of playtime and if you dillydally around you will be left with a patchy finish.

It has a silicone base so once dried it has that slightly film texture. Feels pleasant on the skin, not greasy at all and leaves the skin with a low level radiance, not shimmer.

I would suggest that this foundation would work better on a normal/combination skin. I think an oily skin would find the silicone texture a little uncomfortable and I personally don’t think it sits nicely on a dry skin.

When I tested on dry skin it clung onto every area of dry skin and made it look 10 times worse. It feels fairly hydrating but it just highlights the dryness. It also sat in my pores and made my skin look more textured than it looks normally.

I do agree however that this foundation looks much better an hour after application than it does on initial application. If you’re testing a sample in store then definitely apply it, go for a shop and then check it out an hour or so later. It seems to melt into the skin and the shade warms up a little.

Talking of shades, the colour line up is phenomenal, totally overwhelming, but bloody good.

 A mix of pink and yellow bases from fair through to very deep. I’d be surprised if you can’t find your shade, but you may need help in selecting, as there are 33 shades in total.

In summary it gives a medium to full cover, works better on a normal/combination skin, has a natural radiance and lasts really well, in fact the look and feel of it improved throughout the day.

This is available now for £35.00 here.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Ordinary Glycolic Toner 7%

Image: www.theordinary.com

It seems everybody is talking about The Ordinary at the moment so it’s about time we popped a post up about them.
 Acid toners have always been a staple product in my skincare regime and normally I purchase Biologique Resercher P50V toner for an eye watering £56.00. I still love P50V but unfortunately Biologique Resercher make it so damned hard to get hold of that I have begun to test out alternatives.

The Ordinary Glycolic acid 7% toning solution at  £6.80 for a whopping 240ml is the first I have tried from the range.
 It comes in a plastic bottle with a screw lid that can be replaced by a squirty style (I’m sure there is a more professional term) nozzle. It took me a few moments to realise you just twist the nozzle to get the fluid out. I almost cut the tip off with a pair of scissors because I couldn’t figure it out, idiot!

The fluid is slightly yellow/blush and smells like cucumber (in my opinion), although it’s not actually scented. Quite often products with active ingredients smell hideous but this is not offensive at all.

What’s in it?

Water based with Glycolic acid being it’s next biggest ingredient. The Glycolic acid within this is at 7% and slightly higher than that within Pixi Glow Tonic at 5%. Glycolic acid is an AHA and a great anti aging ingredient. It works by penetrating deeply into the skin and dislodging the dead skin cells, leaving renewed fresh and softened skin. It’s thought that for Glycolic acid to effectively work it’s best for it to be at a pH range between 3-4. This toner sits at a pH of 3.6.
 Sadly no Salicylic acid within to help with congestion and blemishes but the Ordinary do also do a 2% Salicylic and witch hazel serum for £4.20 so if you battle with blemish prone skin you may be interested in that also. Maybe skip your morning Starbucks for 2 days and you can afford that one as well!
 Other ingredients include Aloe and Ginseng root to soothe and promote radiance along with Tasmanian Pepperberry to counteract the often-irritating acid within.

If you are feeling like your skin needs a kick-start and looks dull and dehydrated then this is a great product. It instantly renews after one use, skin feels softened and noticeably radiant. Because it helps to lift off those pesky dead skin cells which are reducing the effectiveness of your other products it makes for a great product to use before your serums or moisturizer to help them work harder for you.
 If your skin is particularly dry then maybe use this on alternative days with your normal toner. If your skin is combination or oily you may get away with using a little more frequently. If you live in a hotter climate, are using in the summer months or are outside a lot then also be aware that this product can increase the skins sensitivity to UVA/UVB.

 Such a great product and I’m excited to test out more from the range.

 You can get hold of the Glycolic Acid toner here.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

it Cosmetics Your skin but better CC cream

And just like that it’s 2018! To kick off the year we have been testing out the It Cosmetics Your skin but better CC cream SPF50+ and oh my goodness is it great.
 Initially I had disregarded this when it appeared on my desk, CC creams generally don’t float my boat, but I took it home to test out and was in love from the first use.

Image from www.itcosmetics.com

Coverage wise it’s medium to full but by no means feels heavy or chalky. I don’t enjoy a particularly heavy cover base but I found when I spritzed on a hydrating facial spray, such as Emma Hardie Plump and Glow or Origins Ginzing Face spritz first it helped to sheer out the cover.
 It instantly blurs out discolouration, uneven skin tone and any high colour from blemishes but doesn’t mask it. Your skin just simply looks naturally evened. You can always pin point conceal with a separate concealer if needed.
 Blending is easy and the creamy rich texture melts away easily. Use a minimal amount of product and build using a large buffing brush.

Medium tan

 The texture on the skin once it has set is hydrated but not greasy and it gives off a radiant finish that looks totally natural. No sparkle or shimmer. It’s brightening rather than illuminating. It doesn’t sit in fine lines or pores and really does look like the best version of your own skin.
 You may notice that Titanium Dioxide is the first ingredient, which usually means flash back,  but I have found there was zero flashback under camera light and my skin didn’t look pale or chalky. I would definitely say it’s a nice product for brides but I would test it first during a trial as sometimes ingredients react differently with different skins.

There are some interesting ingredients within, which would mostly benefit a dehydrated or dryer skin type (I found it still worked well on a combination skin however).
 High up on the ingredients is snail slime filtrate. Yes you heard me, snail slime!
 If you ever picked up snails as a kid and let them slither over your hand you’ll know the slimy, slightly sticky feel they have. Well this slime is now becoming popular within cosmetics. This slime is packed full of Hyaluronic acid and glycoproteins which promote healthy collagen and elastin. I’m not too sure how it is extracted but I’m hoping no snails were harmed, I’m a snail fan!
 Niacinamide is also included which is great for soothing blemished skins and reddened skins.
 Lots of skin loving ingredients are within such as avocado oil, lime oil, soyabean, grapefruit, aloe, olive and turmeric. Not to mention the citrus ingredients that you can instantly smell on application. It’s like buffing in lemon cheesecake onto your face, smells delicious.

The only downside I can find, as usual is the shade selection. 7 shades from fair through to deep but I’m not sure the deep is quite deep enough. Unfortunately it cosmetics don’t offer samples.
The full size 32ml CC cream is £30.00 and available here.

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