Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Diego Dalla Palma Giesha Lift Foundation

The latest foundation from Diego dalla palma is the geisha Lift foundation.

 It’s a creamy, liquid foundation that gives a medium to full coverage with a natural skin finish. Once it dries it feels matte to the touch, but does have a slight radiance to add a bit of life.

A little goes a long way so apply a small amount and blend before building to your desired coverage. It knocked out the redness in my face instantly and gave my skin a much smoother, flawless appearance. It’s a winner if you suffer with uneven skin tone, redness flare ups from the odd glass of wine or have a sensitive skin.

There is a slight chalky feel to this foundation and it would be certainly too drying for an already dry skin type or for those with a textured skin (dry patches, fine or deeper lines.)

 If you are more of a combination or oily skin type then it will feel much more comfortable on the skin. It didn’t sit in my pores and it lasted well throughout the day.

What’s in it?

White Peony Extract-

 This ingredient is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and helps to reduce the redness of the skin through its calming effect.

In-Tense Complex-

 Sounds technical hey! This is an extraction from the Spilanthes Acmella flower. This flower is known as ‘The toothache flower’ because of its pain relieving properties.

 This extract works on the collagen within skin to move and contract the fibres, helping to give a more even and smoothed appearance.

 Does it work? As with all of these claims, it’s only going to be a minimal improvement with short-term benefits, so don’t expect the face of a 21 year-old (unless you are of course 21!).

It’s a really nice day to evening foundation that covers well and would be a great choice for an oily skin, which also suffers with redness, or skin flare-ups.

Only available in 8 shades (we have 7 to show you),in a mix of pink based and yellow based tones. Good range of lighter to medium tones but not much unfortunately in the way of deeper tones if you have anything more than an olive skin tone.

Geisha Lift Foundation is available now from for £34.50.


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