Thursday, 23 November 2017

Boots Christmas shopping #Ad

Christmas is only round the corner and it can be challenging knowing what to purchase for each other.

 Quite often we will just do a secret Santa but this year we decided we should actually gift something to each other that we know each other will love and headed to Boots to check out this years festive gifts.
 Boots believes that giving a gift that shows someone you truly know them further strengthens the bond between two people. 
 If you have seen this years Boots Christmas advert, you will two sisters feature so we wanted to share with you our own festive shop and the memories that are evoked by each gift.

Sam’s picks for Nic

Obviously the Real techniques Brush set is always a great gift to give and as we travel so much it’ll be handy for Nic to have a selection all ready and clean for our travels next year.

Although Nic will totally hate me buying biscuits for her and will think I’m trying to fatten her up, I know she will devour them. She also loves a tin so she can reuse the old tin for storage afterwards.

Candles are always a great choice and they remind me of Nic when we were young. She would always get into trouble with our Mum for burning holes in the bedroom carpet!

As we have recently signed up to complete a charity marathon, I know Nic will appreciate some running headphones to help her through the miles.

Electric toothbrushes remind me of when we were young and would put soap on each other’s toothbrush as a trick. Nic will instantly associate this gift with that time also.

I chose the Jamie Oliver cookie cutters, as Nic is a much better baker than I am and my children always love to bake when they are with their aunty Nic.

The ultimate gift for Nic is the Dyson hair dryer. She has so much hair so will appreciate the speed and heat settings to get her mane dry as quickly as possible.

Nic’s picks for Sam

I remember Sam always wore a fragrance called Tuscany but as this is long discontinued I found my old favourite Cerruti 1881. It reminds me of naughty times in my teenage year

Sam likes to curl her hair and when we were young I got a large heated curling brush caught in her hair. Hopefully, she won’t be too traumatised to use a new one!

Electric toothbrushes just remind me of playing tricks on Sam by putting horrid tasting products on her toothbrush when we were young so I think a new electric toothbrush would make up for those times.

Sam suffers from S.A.D so I think a Lumie Body clock will get her up on the right side of the bed in the morning and also help me cope with her through the day!

A photograph album, filled with precious pictures is always a great sentimental gift and as Sam rarely prints off her photographs, I think she will really enjoy flicking through the al

Christmas is all about giving a gift that you absolutely know the person will not only love but immediately know why you have chosen it. It's the thought that makes the smile, not just the gift.

Boots is jam-packed full of gifts this Christmas and there is so much to chose from that could be the one gift that makes this years Christmas extra special.

Watch us on our shopping spree video for each other below..


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  1. This is so great! However I would appreciate if pictures of the boots were posted to attain a better idea, and the font be made, a bit more interesting as this one just gives the aura of lecture notes.


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