Wednesday, 11 October 2017

NARS x Man Ray Christmas 2017

NARS have collaborated again, this time with American visual artist Man Ray.

 Man Ray considered himself a painter but was more famously known for his fashion photography work. You can read more about Man Ray here if you’re interested in knowing more.

NARS have collaborated for their Christmas 2017 collection and have produced some interesting, not so typically festive shades.

 The collection really is like an artist’s palette. Pops of vivid corals and blends of slightly sludgy (in a good way) tones that mimic natural shadows but with a hint of festive shimmer.

 I adore the blushers within this collection. When the weather turns frosty, there is something quite special about wearing minimal makeup with only a pop of bright colour on the apples of the cheeks to lift the face.

We have two single shade blushers and also a blush and highlighter palette.

L:Intensely R:Fetishized
 Don’t shy away from these shades. Fetishized is not as intense as you expect (unless you want it to be). The radiant finish deflects the boldness to produce a soft coral with a delicate pink undertone. It looks like a fresh peach on a lighter skin and a more intense coral on a deeper skin.

Intensely looks stunning on a deeper skin tone and brushes on with a very definite tangerine pop.

The trio palette holds a laguna bronzer, lovesick blush in a vibrant shimmering hot pink/coral and surreal golden highlighter.

 This palette will complement a shimmering skin look for the festive season but will also see you through to hot summer evenings next year.

The eyeshadow palette contains 12 shades in a mix of matte, shimmer and metallic finishes. A lot of apricots and brick tones but also a bold racing green, navy, plum and of course silver and gold.

Love Game Palette

We have two of the eyeshadow duos. Montparnasse holds a moonlit gold and metallic purple with fine silver shimmers.

L:Debauched R:Montparnasse

Debauched is also a plum but with fine violet shimmers and a black shot with purple glitter.

A nice alternative collection for Christmas with the stand out pieces being the bright blushers.

Available now here.


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  1. Nars did not "collaborate" with Man Ray. Man Ray has been dead for 40 years. Nor is he famous for fashion photography. It's bad enough that you can't complete a grammatical sentence, but this is just embarrassing beyond words.


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