Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Clinique Pout restoring night mask

I find as soon as autumn hits I start to really appreciate nights in, treating my skin and hair. A cosy Saturday night in front of the television with a facemask on is much more fun than heading out in the rain and queuing for an age to get an over priced cocktail.
 With all this in mind I was really excited to check out the latest lip treatment offerings from Clinique.

The lips are always our most forgotten area of skin and it’s only when they crack and dry out under the pressure of the wind and central heating that we decide we need to up our care game.

 Clinique have launched a new product to assist in your lip protection.
 The Pep-Start pout restoring night mask. A mask especially for your lips!
  Slather it on at night before bedtime or apply for 5 minutes whilst you’re drying your hair in the morning.

 It’s petroleum based so is it really any different to layering on Vaseline? Well there are a few extra conditioning ingredients in there too.
 Shea butter, Murumuru seed butter and Sea Whip extract all hydrate, condition and soothe a sensitive or irritated skin, so you're getting something a little bit extra. It also contains Palmatic Acid, which helps with flaky skin.

I like that it comes in a squeezy tube so you don’t have to get sticky fingers and it’s a nice size to pop in your bedside drawer. It’s only a diddy 10ml but because it’s so thick you don’t need much. Pop a layer on once a week or whenever you need a little extra help in the lip department.

Did it work?

My lips definitely felt softer oin the morning and makeup applied more smoothly over the top. I think if you have severly dry lips then this will be a massive help.

The pout restoring night mask is available now here for £16.00


  1. I am going to have to pick this up and try it out. As soon as the weather changes and it gets a little cooler my lips are the first place to suffer!

    Danielle xx


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