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Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask

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The latest from the world of Sheet masks is the new Super Restorative Instant Lift Mask from Clarins. There are plus points and negatives to this mask. First the positives..

The plumping action from this mask is honestly visible instantly. I never really have many expectations from masks, which claim to lift, but my cheeks particularly seemed plumped and my skin felt so soft and hydrated.

The mask is very fluid, which if you’re like Sam you will hate but for me it meant I could massage the excess into the backs of my hands and throat.

 The texture is more of a gel/serum though so it doesn’t literally drip down your face but it is very moist (worst word ever!).

The one thing I didn’t enjoy about this mask is that it also covers the neck. I know it’s important to incorporate the neck in skin care but it felt horrid. A wet, cold, slimy layer over your neck was not relaxing or comfortable, not for me anyway. I decided to simply rip off the neckpiece but it’s not very cost effective to do this, as these masks are not cheap!

The mask is quite large and it can be initially tricky to unfold and get it positioned but once it’s on (neck piece ripped off) it’s nice.

An amazing mask for skin tightening, radiance, hydration, brightening and skin smoothing. Pop on for 15 minutes before bedtime, massage in the excess afterwards and in the morning you will definitely notice how much brighter your skin looks and that it feels much more refined.

A box of 5 sachets is £65 (ouch) but of you want to test out one before taking the plunge then you can also purchase singularly for £15.00.

Available now here and in stores.

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  1. But it makes sense to also tightens the neck. I find that brilliant. And 15' lying down, doing nothing while the mask does its work, seems like a really good idea to me.


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