Friday, 29 September 2017

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick

Loving the new Rouge Velvet lipstick from Bourjois.

 Amazing bold pigment, creamy texture which coats the lips comfortably and even masked dryness without clinging. The lipstick dries off to a matte finish but without cracking or separating. One of the nicest matte formula lipsticks I’ve tried.

  Really good longevity, for a high street brand, and wears really nicely through the day.
 Wasn't crazy about the actual shape of the lipstick. It's a tear drop shape and although it fits to the center of the lip nicely, it was hard to reach the corners of the lips with precision. 

 Not a huge shade range, 12 colours in total but all shades would work on lighter to deeper skin tones. We have 10 shades to share with you.

These are £8.99 each and available here now.


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask

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The latest from the world of Sheet masks is the new Super Restorative Instant Lift Mask from Clarins. There are plus points and negatives to this mask. First the positives..

The plumping action from this mask is honestly visible instantly. I never really have many expectations from masks, which claim to lift, but my cheeks particularly seemed plumped and my skin felt so soft and hydrated.

The mask is very fluid, which if you’re like Sam you will hate but for me it meant I could massage the excess into the backs of my hands and throat.

 The texture is more of a gel/serum though so it doesn’t literally drip down your face but it is very moist (worst word ever!).

The one thing I didn’t enjoy about this mask is that it also covers the neck. I know it’s important to incorporate the neck in skin care but it felt horrid. A wet, cold, slimy layer over your neck was not relaxing or comfortable, not for me anyway. I decided to simply rip off the neckpiece but it’s not very cost effective to do this, as these masks are not cheap!

The mask is quite large and it can be initially tricky to unfold and get it positioned but once it’s on (neck piece ripped off) it’s nice.

An amazing mask for skin tightening, radiance, hydration, brightening and skin smoothing. Pop on for 15 minutes before bedtime, massage in the excess afterwards and in the morning you will definitely notice how much brighter your skin looks and that it feels much more refined.

A box of 5 sachets is £65 (ouch) but of you want to test out one before taking the plunge then you can also purchase singularly for £15.00.

Available now here and in stores.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Victoria Beckham Interview

Just a casual chat with Victoria Beckham, nothing major...


Thursday, 21 September 2017

Hollywood Mirrors

As the dark nights settle in it’s always a struggle to find a good light in the mornings to do your makeup. If you’re in need of a little extra light to help you achieve a better finish to your makeup then check out these amazing mirrors by Hollywood Mirrors.

 Hollywood Mirrors stock a wide range of mirrors to suit your space which use LED Golf ball sized bulbs that are both eco friendly and have a safe cool touch, meaning you won’t burn yourself or melt your products!

 The bulbs last up to 5 years and have a 2-year warranty so they will be replaced if they do happen to burn out quickly.

 The mirrors are either wall mountable or you can purchase a base to sit them directly onto your vanity unit.

Image from

 The mirror’s also feature a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light to suit your needs or even to just set the mood lighting whilst your getting ready to go out!

Sam has the Diaz mirror at home, which includes 10 LED bulbs and can be positioned portrait or landscape. Sam has it with a base also, as seen below.

 If you’re in the market for a new mirror then check out the range here.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Louise Young Timeless Book

If you haven’t heard of Louise Young and are interested in period makeup, or any makeup in fact then we highly recommend you check out her latest book.

 Louise actually taught Sam at college when she first embarked on her makeup career and aside from teaching Louise has worked on some pretty major films including Bridget Jones, Pride and Prejudice, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more.

 She has a great range of makeup brushes, which we frequently use in our tutorials and more recently has created a beautiful book of iconic hair and makeup looks over the last 100 years.
 Louise teamed up with hair stylist Lou Sheppard who created the amazing period hair looks throughout the book.

Timeless is a wonderful collection of Louise’s recreations of period makeup with detailed descriptions of the look for the era and how it can be created. There are lots of real photographs of Louise’s work and step-by-step guide on how you can recreate.



 There is also a really interesting section with images on exactly what products the women and men of that decade were using and why.


This book is perfect for aspiring makeup artists and those wanting to get ahead in the world of TV and Film makeup.

 You can purchase Timeless here for £20.00


Monday, 18 September 2017

Christopher Kane for NARS

London Fashion week is in full swing and launching immediately after the Christopher Kane show today (18th September) is his limited edition collection in collaboration with NARS.

Known for his embellished and foil printed clothing Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane has produced a metallic effect eye shadow palette and chrome finish lipstick. The packaging is equally attractive with its turquoise holographic cover.

The eye shadow palette-£34.00..

Classic slim line palette holding 6 shades all with a sparkling metallic finish. The ultra fine shimmering particles lay over a complimentary base colour, which produces a two-tone finish.

 Colour pay off is much sheerer than I expected. It takes a good amount of building up to get a solid finish and definitely works best when patted with a firm brush onto a cream base to give the most vibrant finish.

 No drop down and easy to blend but does initially lay down quite patchy so blend and re-apply.

 Works well on all skin tones and would look beautiful on a deeper skin tone.

The Chrome Couture Lipstick in Chroma Chrome-23.00..

Well I think we all know it’s a chrome finish from the title! Again a two-tone pearlescent pink that creates a soft moonlit finish.

 Very natural finish, although I think that’s a good thing, it may look dated if it had an intense payoff.

 Creates a very pretty delicate finish although it does collect in any dryness on the lips

If this collection is your thing then you can purchase from the NARS London Boutique in Covent Garden and also online here. Quantities are limited.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Kevyn Aucoin Super Natural Concealer
This week we have been testing out the new Super Natural Concealer from Kevyn Aucoin.
 It’s a wand concealer so great for swatching onto any area that requires a little extra help.
 Nice for under the eye with no panda effect flashback, sits well over fine lines and pores with no settling, doesn’t cling to dry patches or pool on oily areas and lasts well on the skin through the day.
 The finish is sublime. It’s weightless and covers seamlessly without being obvious whatsoever. It’s like a thin veil of silk over the skin and blends softly into the skin even on days when you don’t wear a foundation base first. Evens out pigmentation and hides dark circles well.
 It sets on the skin but still has a good amount of playtime. We found using the fingertips is the nicest way to work this concealer. It’s a medium concealer but is easily built up.

It contains Hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump and also contains 3D Silicone film to cover and move with the skin.

There are 9 shades, which cater for light; medium and deeper skin tones although we felt the shades had much more of a yellow, warmer undertone. Because of this I would select the shade you think you would be and then check the next shade lighter as they come up dark.

We have 5 of the shades to share with you along with the shade labelled EC, which is a colour corrector for dark circles or ashy tones. There are also 3 shades deeper than the ones we have here.

A nice morning wake-up concealer to apply but also a great one to sling in your bag for touch-ups when you want to update your look for the evening.

Available now here for £24.00


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

You know we are heading into Autumn/Winter when the liquid lips start landing on our desk. It seems as the weather turns chilly and the evenings get lighter we like a comforting veil of makeup that won’t require any extra effort on our behalf. Why would we want to take our hands out of pocket on a cold train to touch up our lips?

 Charlotte Tilbury’s products are now a firm staple in our makeup bags, we love the brow products and powders and now Charlotte has launched her Hollywood lips range to complement her already stellar lip line up.

The liquid lips shade line up is complementary to the already existing shades we know and love from the range. A blend of apricots, berry and teeth whitening red!

The texture on initial application is very thick and the product collects in blobs of rich pigment similar to the texture of thick whipped cream. To avoid product overload you need to swipe the excess off.
 The wand really is magical. It’s crescent shaped with a firm tip to allow you to apply colour with accurate precision and glide the product over the lips easily without drag or patchiness.

Pigment pay-off is insanely good and one swoop covers well with a comfortable veil of colour.
 There is a good amount of playtime and you won’t find it impossible to move around on the lips. Reswipe the wand over to build the boldness and purse your lips to ensure it squishes into all the crack and crevices.

 Once dry it feels matte but doesn’t look flat. There is a slight satin finish but the texture makes it very long wearing and totally food and drink proof.
 It doesn’t bleed out of the lip line but it does settle in the natural lip lines.
 As you wear it through the day it naturally and softly fades rather than breaks down and separates.

Not as moisturising as others I have tried but you can lick your lips safe in the knowledge it won’t budge.

 Contains Sea Lavender (who knew!) which acts as an anti-ageing active ingredient which is also collagen boosting and soothing on the lips.
 It also contains Beeswax to act against moisture loss.

 The shade line up...

Nice array of 10 shades to suit all and is priced at £23.00. Get hold of one here.


Monday, 11 September 2017

Friday, 8 September 2017

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Dry Body Brushing with ARK

Summer may be almost over but that doesn’t mean we should just cover up and forget about our body skin until next year.

 If you haven’t tried dry body brushing then I can highly recommend it. You may think it’s just one more thing to squeeze into your regime but it can take 2 minutes if you’re in a hurry or 10 minutes if you have a little more time.

 Why should you do it?

After only a few circular strokes you can instantly feel that your skin is softened. The bristles on the ARK Body Brush are very firm so you will find that you can only go over the same area for a few seconds. The brush also contains smooth flexible nodules, which work together to massage, improve circulation, remove dead skin cells and leave the skin visibly glowing.

The massaging brush strokes help to kick start your lymphatic drainage which in turn removes toxins within the body and the increase in circulation will mean fresh blood is brought to the skin cells.

Also really nice if you suffer with ingrown hairs as it exfoliates the skin and prevents future ones occurring.

Above all this at home treatment is totally invigorating. It wakes you up first thing in the morning before your shower but you can also use it in slow circular massaging movements in the evening before layering on your body moisturiser and heading to bed.

How to do it

You always need to work towards the heart and work clockwise with your brush over the abdomen and chest area. Move along the body in light strokes on smaller areas of the body and apply a little more pressure on the larger areas, which, tend to have a sluggish circulation such as the hips, thighs and bottom.

Don’t use this over your face or on broken or overly sensitive skin though, it’s too harsh.

Continue with this 3 times a week and you'll notice a massive difference in how your skin looks and feels.

If you’re in the market for a conditioning body oil to apply after your dry body brushing then ARK also have a complimentary product.

The body beautiful conditioning oil smells like a spa, it’s amazing and instantly promotes a sense of calm and relaxation.

 It’s multi purpose and can be used as a moisturiser all over the body, as a massage oil or on the tips of your hair to treat fly away or split ends.

What’s in it?

Sacha Inchi Seed Oil- Fatty acid to protect and soften.

Abyssinian Oil- Deeply conditions and is amazing on dehydrated or lack lustre skin.

Sweet Almond Oil- Rich in Vitamin E and softens the skin, helping to reduce dry patches. Really nice over heels and knees where the skin can become calloused and dry.

It’s also packed with 25 essential oils and has a warming floral/citrus scent.Not overpowering but it's distinctive and lingers on the skin.

This oil doesn’t feel greasy at all and instantly absorbs so it would be fine to use on both dry or oily/problematic body skin.

You can purchase the Massaging Body Brush for £15 here and the Body Beautiful Conditioning oil for £35 here.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Damsel in D-Stress Emergency Kit

We love these little kits, so handy to have in your bag for emergencies or to take away with you on weekend breaks (possibly not airplane safe due to the sewing kit needle). 

 This one from Damsel in D-Stress fits in the palm of my hand and is packed full of items that you always wish you had! They have 3 options to choose from.

Each kit is much the same just with a few alternatives. The travel kit has an extra eye mask, earplugs and mini padlock whist the Festival kit has a flower headband.

 The Everyday kit, which we have, has a sewing kit and earring backs as an addition.

These kits are £12.99 each and available here.


Friday, 1 September 2017

Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation SPF50

The latest cushion foundation offering from Clarins is their Everlasting Cushion Foundation.

The casing is an attractive white and gold and although white initially looks great, it’s instantly covered in grubby finger marks, not that this affects the functionality at all.

 Inside is a slim line cushioned pad for application. This is great at patting the product onto the skin and reaching the areas in the corners of the nose and under the eyes.

 As with most cushion style foundations, this one applies in a moisturising, fluid veil. An initial light coverage but builds to a medium cover. The best way to achieve the fuller cover is to wait for the first covering to dry and then go in again with your pad to build in the areas you need it.

This would be perfectly suitable for dry to combination skins. Maybe too dewy for an oily skin unless you pop a little powder on top.

 I love the finish; it’s radiant, healthy and simply enhances skin to look a naturally better version of itself with little effort.

This foundation has an exceptionally high SPF 50 so it’s a great choice if you already have sun damage or pigmentation. It also doesn’t flash back so great for weddings or other times when you may be photographed.
 It also has an anti pollution complex to protect the skin from daily aggressors.

Only available in 6 shades which sadly don’t cater for the deeper end of the spectrum.

Available from 24th September 2017 for £31.00 and £23 for the refill inserts.
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