Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Real Techniques Powder Bleu collection

You may have seen our latest Powder Bleu launch from Real Techniques. We love using powder-based products but often find certain brushes can absorb the fine powder particles. This means you end up applying double the amount of product and wearing a hole quickly in your favourite product!

The Powder Bleu range of brushes is specifically made for use with all of your powders from powder foundations, blushers and eye shadow. The brushes are all still synthetic however the texture is ultra plush and picks up the particles on the very tips of the bristles to then lay them down evenly and precisely on the face without any fall down.

What’s in the collection?

Soft Powder Brush

This brush uses synthetic bristles, which have been crafted into a long tapered flexible dome. It’s great at precisely placing powders and bronzers on the face whilst buffing away any excess product that may get caught in the fine hairs of the face. It’s ridiculously soft and feels amazingly luxurious to use.

Soft Complexion Brush

This brush is shorter and firmer than the Soft powder brush and makes it a great choice for powder foundation of application of blusher. The firmer and more compact hairs mean that it will apply the product with greater cover.

Soft Finishing Brush

This brush is like a shorter and slimmer sister to the Powder Brush. Its petite size means it’s great for use with either contour or highlighter products. Its accuracy means you can delicately apply to the high points of the face or sculpt out the cheeks with your powder contour. It’s also nice to use with your powder blush on the apples of the cheeks.

Soft Shadow Brush

Again this brush is long and flexible but still cut with a gently tapered finish. It applies and blends eye shadow products and is a great brush to use on smaller hard to reach areas of the eye socket.

Soft Kabuki Brush

We love Kabuki brushes and this one is great when you want to use a bronzing or highlighting products on the body.

Plush Powder Puff

Keep in your bag for powder touch up’s or use it as a protective pad under your hand when applying your eye shadow. The satin strip handle means that you can easily loop your fingers through it to use as a cushion that will protect your base whilst you perfect your eyes.

We adore this range and really hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Take a look at how we use the collection below and you can shop the range here.



  1. This collection is gorgeous ! I hope I can purchase it from France !

  2. I need to try these brushes, they look so stunning!

    Danielle xx

  3. I love Real Techniques brushes, I'll have to try some of these! x

  4. I got three of the products. So far, I've used the finishing brush for bronzer and it is true what you say, applies it with minimal effort, distributing the powder evenly and with minimal effort. A true winner.

  5. If I wasn't totally skint I'd love to try them. They look gorgeous like velvet:) xxxx


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