Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dr Jart+ Rubber Mask

 So my initial thoughts on the latest mask range form Dr Jart+ were that they were slightly scary, I’ve clearly watched way to many horror films in my time. My second thought was that it’s probably just a bit of a gimmick, however it was the gimmicky-ness (is that a word?) that also attracted me to wanting to test these out.

 Dr Jart+ has launched 3 rubber skincare masks, which apply in the same way as your regular sheet mask.
 It’s a two-step system, which comprises of a pot of serum and a rubber sheet mask to apply over the top.

There are three masks available depending on your skin type.
Bright Lover (Yellow mask), which helps to hydrate and brighten the skin. This is good for people who have a dull, dehydrated skin.
 Hydration Lover (Blue mask), which is for those with a dry skin that needs a good shot of moisture.
 Firm Lover (Pink mask), this is good for a mature or fatigued skin.

Each mask contains a different serum to benefit the specific skin type, which should be applied all over your cleansed face. There is quite a lot of serum in the pot so I applied some over my décolletage and also massaged the remainder into he backs of my hands.

 The purpose of the rubber mask is to lie over the top of the serum to help prevent the active ingredients from evaporating and allowing deeper absorption.
 The mask is not a complete full mask as you may expect from looking at the image on the box. This is a good thing; it would be mega claustrophobic in there!

  The mask comes in two sections. One, which fits neatly over the chin and mouth and one, which covers the forehead nose and upper cheeks.
 I like that it is applied in sections because it makes it more manageable and allows you to accurately position it smoothly over the face contours regardless of your face size or shape.
 I preferred the rubber mask to other sheet masks I have tried. Whilst they always feel drippy and cold whilst sliding about on your face this felt cosy and sturdy. The serum was cooling on application but as it had a gel consistency it didn’t run down my neck or drip into my eyes. The rubber coating seals in the serum and adheres to the face so much so that I could walk about my house with it on and it didn’t budge.

 Dr Jart+ recommends to wear the mask for 30-40 minutes to fully see the benefit.
 After removing there was an adequate amount of serum left to gently massage into my skin. My skin felt softened and hydrated. There were no areas of redness and it actually appeared smoother.
 I had two hormonal blemishes on my chin that were quite deep in the layers of the skin but the next morning they had fully arrived as a juicy whitehead on my skin which meant I could squeeze satisfyingly and thus remove them efficiently from my face!

The masks are £10 each (1 in a packet) and are available exclusively to Selfridges here.


  1. So when you run out of the Dr Jart serum, you could reuse the rubber mask with your other serumy masks for the same absorbing benifits, ey?

    1. I had the same question. Reusable? If so, how many times do ya' think it's possible? Thanks!

    2. Potentially you could re use with an alternative serum but the mask is pretty fragile so i don't think it would hold together for more than maybe 3 uses

  2. I'm loving the image on the packaging! I'm also curious if the mask is reusable? It seems like a great idea to have a separate rubber mask that can be reused alongside any serum...

    Meghan | The Lipstick Philosopher

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  4. Love skin care masks! Here one of my skin care routines, microdermabrasion:


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