Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ciate Glitter Flip

I know, I know summer’s not even over yet and we’re talking about a glitter lip, but you don’t always have to wait until the festive season to get your shimmer on!
 Glitter lip products are traditionally quite drying and after half an hour of wear they feel uncomfortably dry, gritty and separate in the centre of the lips.

 Ciate have launched seven new glitter lip products, which offer a new formula to make a glittery lip a more wearable option.

We have three shades to share with you.

These apply via a doe foot applicator and feel thick and creamy on the lips. You only need a small amount initially and then build to coat the lips fully. There is zero gritty texture.
 The colour pay off is extreme and to start with the finish will look more metallic than glittery. Once dry (and they do dry fast) you then purse your lips together repeatedly, which magically increases the glitter finish. It’s like witchcraft!
 You’re left with a subtly shimmering sparkle that is pretty and delicate rather than garish and overly festive.

 Wears off evenly but actually lasts so well that for an evening out you won’t really need to top up.
 You need something pretty heavy duty to remove it with, so go for an oily eye makeup remover. Be warned though, on removing it will spread glitter over your entire face!

These are available now for £17.00 here.


  1. Candy and Fortune are heavenly oh my gosh


  2. These are very pretty. I haven't tried anything by Ciate but their eyeshadows have peaked my interest. http://www.mrsqbeauty.com

  3. I saw these being used on YouTube and they looked so incredibly crazy, I really want to give them a go!

    Danielle xx


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