Wednesday, 30 August 2017

NARS Velvet Matte Foundation Stick

I quite like a foundation stick for times when you just need to slap on a quick base application and blend out with your fingertips. They are great for building a flawless finish or even spot concealing when you don’t want a full-face cover.


 The new Velvet Matte foundation stick is a medium but buildable creamy stick foundation. It has a great amount of slip and buffs into the skin easily. The finish is exactly as described, a velvet matte. It’s not flat but not glossy either. Natural, fresh and with a hydrated finish. The feel on the skin, as common with stick foundations, feels slightly tacky. It’s not unpleasantly creamy but you can still feel that there is a slight balmy texture, which remains on the skins surface. For this reason I would say this velvet matte foundation would be one for a dryer skin rather than combination or oily. If your skin is on the oilier side then this texture is going to make you feel that you need to powder and will therefore take away the gorgeous velvet finish.

I would say this might not be the best foundation if you have textured skin or fine lines. It also sits in pores so if you have open pores then you may want to apply a pore refining primer first.

The twist up stick foundation only actually holds about an inch of product so don’t be deceived in thinking it twists up from the bottom of the tube. In the opposite end is a firm, latex-free blender. It’s not the best at applying the foundation if you’re someone who likes to buff over your base. It’s best used with a dabbing action rather than a sweeping motion due to its firmness. Use in sweeps and you will remove your product as quick as you are applying it.  It is nice for patting the product into areas that require a little more coverage.

It has the standard line-up of shades that you may be used to in the other formulations (20 in total).

 We have 10 shades to share with you.

Available now for £30.00 here.


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Marc Jacobs Beauty Iconic Eyeshadow Palettes

Inspired by Marc Jacobs' favourite fabrics are six new eye shadow palettes holding seven shades each.

 The textures are velvet, satin, silk and lamé. Each palette is a blend of complimentary tones in a mix of the finishes.

 These powders blend really well and because of the tonal harmony they are easy to create a gradual even blend.
 The only negative is that some of the textures (silk and lamé) are crumbly and also drop down really easily.

 Good colour pay-off and easy to build for an intense or vibrant look.

The shades...

From top: Frivoluxe, Smartorial, Edgitorial   

From Top: Scandalust, Glambition, Provocouture

These palettes are available now here and are £39.00 each.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Laura Gellar Liquid Gelato Highlighter

Out now from Laura Gellar are two pillow top cream highlighters. The liquid gelato highlighters are applied via a squeezy tube, which then dispenses the balmy soufflé textured cream onto the skin.
 The pillow is a nice size and because the cream is dispensed through three openings in the centre of the pad it gives enough space around the edges of to buff the product into the skin.

Skin benefiting ingredients include White Tea and Centella Asiatica (an Asian wetland herb), Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A, C and E.
 These have anti oxidant properties and plump the skin whilst hydrating.

I love the texture of these highlighters and although they create a creamy layer on the skin they buff in well and don’t feel sticky at all.

 The sheen that these produce is a glossy, radiant sheen with zero sparkle. It’s almost like a wet look finish.
 The two shades available would work on a medium to darker skin tone. They would look a little too warm on a fair skin.

Ballerina and Gilded Honey
 These are available here for £21.00 each. There is also a spare cushioned pillow in the box for you to replace when the original gets a bit clogged up.


Monday, 21 August 2017

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Estee Lauder Shadow Paint

If you’re into effortless sweeps of cream eye shadow which can be buffed out with the finger tip and leave the eye with a slightly dishevelled, sultry but ultra shimmery finish then look no further!

This August, ready for the impending autumn, Estee Lauder is launching 6 new shades of shadow paint.
 These are a fluid eye colour that applies in a thick cream but quickly sets to a matte touch but with a metallic shimmery finish.

We have no boxes so I can't be sure of names but I think it's : Wicked Peac, Jaded, Midnight Fury and Mood
 The texture means there is little playtime with these eye shadows so work fast. Sweep the colour over the whole lid along the lash line and then using your fingertips, gently massage and blend to the desired area. After experimenting I found that a brush quickly absorbed a lot of the product so fingers worked best.

 These act as an un-budge-able base however they hold their own and look stunning worn alone and swept high up into the socket.

 There are 6 shades in total and we have 4 to share with you.

These will be available from 27th August for £21.00 each.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ciate Glitter Flip

I know, I know summer’s not even over yet and we’re talking about a glitter lip, but you don’t always have to wait until the festive season to get your shimmer on!
 Glitter lip products are traditionally quite drying and after half an hour of wear they feel uncomfortably dry, gritty and separate in the centre of the lips.

 Ciate have launched seven new glitter lip products, which offer a new formula to make a glittery lip a more wearable option.

We have three shades to share with you.

These apply via a doe foot applicator and feel thick and creamy on the lips. You only need a small amount initially and then build to coat the lips fully. There is zero gritty texture.
 The colour pay off is extreme and to start with the finish will look more metallic than glittery. Once dry (and they do dry fast) you then purse your lips together repeatedly, which magically increases the glitter finish. It’s like witchcraft!
 You’re left with a subtly shimmering sparkle that is pretty and delicate rather than garish and overly festive.

 Wears off evenly but actually lasts so well that for an evening out you won’t really need to top up.
 You need something pretty heavy duty to remove it with, so go for an oily eye makeup remover. Be warned though, on removing it will spread glitter over your entire face!

These are available now for £17.00 here.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Hourglass Confession Lipstick

There’s something quite 80’s about a long handled lipstick but none the less it does feel very glamorous albeit slightly unnecessary.
 The latest Hourglass lipsticks are an ultra slimline, high intensity refillable lipstick.

When you purchase your colour of choice it will come along with a gold long handled applicator (£28 for lipstick and applicator together). Once you have finished your lipstick you can then simply buy the refills to click into your applicator. The refills are £18 each. You could just purchase the refills on their own if you’re not fussed with the glam applicator. It still functions as a normal lipstick.

Let’s talk about the lipstick intensity! WOW! These are like applying a layer of creamy paint onto your lips. Opaque, rich pigment that translates deeper in colour tone than you expect. It covers the lip in one swipe and delivers a creamy thick layer that is actually pretty hard to remove. You need to use something oil based to get them off. They have a balmy matte finish and although it feels totally comfortable and non-drying on the lips, it would be too exposing for a dry textured or cracked skin. The matte finish highlights any flaws in the natural lip.

Beautiful array of colours, which cater for all skin tones. The slim angled tip allows great precision and because the handle is weighted it feels very comfortable and controlled to apply.

The thick texture means you don’t need to layer or re apply much which is good because you would get through this lipstick super fast if you had to touch up regularly.

If you love the finish and colour choices you can simply buy alternative colours and interchange them in your applicator.

Here are the shades…

From Left: I believe, I can't wait, I live for, I desire, I crave, My icon is, Secretly, I can't live without
From Left: At night, I've been, One time, When I'm with you, When I'm alone, If I could, I hide my
From Left: The first time, I wish, One day, No one knows, I lust for, I'll never stop, I want
I woke up, I've never, If only, I'm addicted, I've kissed, My favourite, You can find me, I always

You can get hold of these now here.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dr Jart+ Rubber Mask

 So my initial thoughts on the latest mask range form Dr Jart+ were that they were slightly scary, I’ve clearly watched way to many horror films in my time. My second thought was that it’s probably just a bit of a gimmick, however it was the gimmicky-ness (is that a word?) that also attracted me to wanting to test these out.

 Dr Jart+ has launched 3 rubber skincare masks, which apply in the same way as your regular sheet mask.
 It’s a two-step system, which comprises of a pot of serum and a rubber sheet mask to apply over the top.

There are three masks available depending on your skin type.
Bright Lover (Yellow mask), which helps to hydrate and brighten the skin. This is good for people who have a dull, dehydrated skin.
 Hydration Lover (Blue mask), which is for those with a dry skin that needs a good shot of moisture.
 Firm Lover (Pink mask), this is good for a mature or fatigued skin.

Each mask contains a different serum to benefit the specific skin type, which should be applied all over your cleansed face. There is quite a lot of serum in the pot so I applied some over my décolletage and also massaged the remainder into he backs of my hands.

 The purpose of the rubber mask is to lie over the top of the serum to help prevent the active ingredients from evaporating and allowing deeper absorption.
 The mask is not a complete full mask as you may expect from looking at the image on the box. This is a good thing; it would be mega claustrophobic in there!

  The mask comes in two sections. One, which fits neatly over the chin and mouth and one, which covers the forehead nose and upper cheeks.
 I like that it is applied in sections because it makes it more manageable and allows you to accurately position it smoothly over the face contours regardless of your face size or shape.
 I preferred the rubber mask to other sheet masks I have tried. Whilst they always feel drippy and cold whilst sliding about on your face this felt cosy and sturdy. The serum was cooling on application but as it had a gel consistency it didn’t run down my neck or drip into my eyes. The rubber coating seals in the serum and adheres to the face so much so that I could walk about my house with it on and it didn’t budge.

 Dr Jart+ recommends to wear the mask for 30-40 minutes to fully see the benefit.
 After removing there was an adequate amount of serum left to gently massage into my skin. My skin felt softened and hydrated. There were no areas of redness and it actually appeared smoother.
 I had two hormonal blemishes on my chin that were quite deep in the layers of the skin but the next morning they had fully arrived as a juicy whitehead on my skin which meant I could squeeze satisfyingly and thus remove them efficiently from my face!

The masks are £10 each (1 in a packet) and are available exclusively to Selfridges here.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation

I have been wearing Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation for a few months now. It's been my go-to base when I want a slightly fuller coverage but still, want my skin to look fresh and radiant rather than masked.
 When applied with a loose haired buffing brush it airbrushes the skin with a naturally flawless finish that has a buttery texture.
 It gives the skin a low-level sheen than looks hydrated with an enviable even texture.
 It’s moisturising but not greasy and would be suitable for a dry through to combination skin. It may be a little too radiant for an oily skin but the actual texture wouldn’t be offensive to those with an oilier skin, you’d just need to dust over a light loose powder to reduce the shine in areas and increase the longevity.

 Lasts really well on the skin, doesn’t cling to dryness and blends well over pores without enhancing them. Photographs with zero flashbacks even though it contains an SPF30 making it an excellent choice for bridal or editorial.

A little goes a long way so apply in small quantities and build cover with circular buffing strokes to massage it fully into the skin.

This foundation is softly scented, not an overpowering old-fashioned scent but a delicate floral. It uses notes of peach, raspberry and jasmine for a fresh botanical aroma. It’s very pleasant and although you are aware of the scent on your skin initially, it fades after an hour or so.

Colour options are limited to 12 shades and although there is a mix of pink and yellow bases, unfortunately, the shades don't go very deep.

Parure Gold comes in a 30ml pump bottle in a good sturdy black packaging. It’s a good size for travelling with and the pump has never failed on me yet!

Not a cheap option at £57.00 but a very reliable beautiful foundation that will give you enviable skin.

You can purchase here.

Monday, 7 August 2017

My MAC interview makeup

Rolling it back to 2005 for Nic's original MAC interview....


Friday, 4 August 2017

Urban Decay Heat Palette

Okay so finally we have our hands on the Urban Decay Heat palette. Unfortunately the weather at the moment is not really inspiring us to wear shimmering bronze and Cayenne pepper toned shadows but anyway!

The palette holds the standard 12 shadows, long mirror and dual ended makeup brush. You know the score by now with UD palettes.

The colours, as you may expect, are very warm toned and are in a mix of matte, satin and shimmer.

If you’re into Urban Decay palettes then it’s definitely one you should have in your Summer collection. The shades blend well with a small amount of fall down. Because of the red undertones of the shades I would advise completing your eye makeup before you begin your base. Any drop down smudges under your eye are going to look pretty horrific so clean up before you start your foundation base. This palette would look stunning on deeper skin tones and some of the shades would double up as a beautiful highlighter if you have an olive through to deep skin tone.

This palette is available now here for £39.50.


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Real Techniques Powder Bleu collection

You may have seen our latest Powder Bleu launch from Real Techniques. We love using powder-based products but often find certain brushes can absorb the fine powder particles. This means you end up applying double the amount of product and wearing a hole quickly in your favourite product!

The Powder Bleu range of brushes is specifically made for use with all of your powders from powder foundations, blushers and eye shadow. The brushes are all still synthetic however the texture is ultra plush and picks up the particles on the very tips of the bristles to then lay them down evenly and precisely on the face without any fall down.

What’s in the collection?

Soft Powder Brush

This brush uses synthetic bristles, which have been crafted into a long tapered flexible dome. It’s great at precisely placing powders and bronzers on the face whilst buffing away any excess product that may get caught in the fine hairs of the face. It’s ridiculously soft and feels amazingly luxurious to use.

Soft Complexion Brush

This brush is shorter and firmer than the Soft powder brush and makes it a great choice for powder foundation of application of blusher. The firmer and more compact hairs mean that it will apply the product with greater cover.

Soft Finishing Brush

This brush is like a shorter and slimmer sister to the Powder Brush. Its petite size means it’s great for use with either contour or highlighter products. Its accuracy means you can delicately apply to the high points of the face or sculpt out the cheeks with your powder contour. It’s also nice to use with your powder blush on the apples of the cheeks.

Soft Shadow Brush

Again this brush is long and flexible but still cut with a gently tapered finish. It applies and blends eye shadow products and is a great brush to use on smaller hard to reach areas of the eye socket.

Soft Kabuki Brush

We love Kabuki brushes and this one is great when you want to use a bronzing or highlighting products on the body.

Plush Powder Puff

Keep in your bag for powder touch up’s or use it as a protective pad under your hand when applying your eye shadow. The satin strip handle means that you can easily loop your fingers through it to use as a cushion that will protect your base whilst you perfect your eyes.

We adore this range and really hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Take a look at how we use the collection below and you can shop the range here.

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