Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tan-Luxe Sleep Oil

More than anything I love products that work for me whilst I’m sleeping, which is my most favourite thing to do!
 You know the fail-safe products you can slap on with little care or attention. The ones where you wake up forgetting you ever applied them until you look in the mirror and think you actually look all right!
 I had heard about Tan-Luxe after Amy in the office had purchased on a whim but was excited to test out for myself.

 The brand was developed by beauty entrepreneur Marc Elrick and hairdresser husband Dylan who together own a hair salon in Glasgow. After years of chat with clients regarding epic tanning fails and distaste for the classic biscuit scents they set about developing a tanning brand that would deliver a no fuss tan that was completely customisable.

We have a few of the Tan-Luxe products to test out over the next few weeks but recently I have been using the Sleep oil.
 Sleep oil immediately got me excited to wash my face and get ready for bed!

The ethos behind the brand is combining skin caring benefits with self-tan to ensure your skin is stimulated, hydrated and rejuvenated overnight, all with the added benefit of a tint of tan.

It contains no parabens, mineral oils or sulfates and best of all it has no stinky aroma as it uses an odourlite fragrance technology. It’s actually one of the first self-tan's that actually smells nice; you actually enjoy being able to detect it on your skin.

All you need to do is cleanse your face as normal and then apply 6-10 drops, via the pipette applicator, depending on the depth of colour you desire.
 The oil feels totally comfortable on the skin and just feels like you are applying a regular oil based moisturiser. It’s a total luxury to wear.

On waking, I had a very subtle tint of tan to the skin. Nothing hugely obvious. My skin just looked refreshed in the way that it does after your first day in the sun on holiday.

You could use multiple times in the week to up the tan depth and if you decide that once is enough then it gradually fades away during the week with no patchiness or streaking. It also doesn’t stain your bed sheets or offend anyone else who may have to share your bed!

For those who hate the rigmarole of applying tan then this is for you. It’s also perfect if you are someone who finds their face never tans or prefers to wear a high SPF normally on their face.

Available in a 20ml bottle (sounds small but will last ages) and is £34.00 here.


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  1. I fancy these overnight products as well! The oil seems luxurious, I would love to recommend it to someone who loves self tanning products. :)

    Gorgeously Flawed


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